Memoirs by Shai Linne

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by Shai Linne

Album: The Solus Christus Project

Welcome to my memoirs of joys, pains and scars
From deep hurts with each verse less than ten bars
So many tomorrows transformed into yesterdays
My biggest fear is sorrow over more left to say
To share some of the things that I've learned is a must
'Cause in just a little while, I'll return to the dust
And the top concern to me is to reach you with a lesson
As I watch eternity bleed into the present

Chapter 1: Mom

I sit back and reflect on the days of my youth
How doing things my way kept me away from the truth
If the Lord didn't choose me, I'd still be out straying
Yet Mom, I thank God you never stopped praying
Ain't Christ amazing? Our sorrows He carried
Remember when we danced on that day you got married?
That's how it's gonna be with the Lamb and His Bride
You can go first- I'll worship and stand to the side

Chapter 2: Dad

Is the pain of a son neglected
Connected to the aim of a gun directed
At a face the same as the one reflected
In his mirror? That's something to wonder about
But Dad, I never heard "I love you" come from your mouth
So if you wanna know why I didn't choose to share your name
Part of it's because you refused to bear the blame
For what you didn't do- listen, to dis you is not the issue
I miss you and I'm praying the Lord would help me forgive you

Chapter 3: Thug Life

It's like a bad dream
Crack fiends blaspheme while cats scheme to have cream
Killing each other over scraps from the table
Betrayed by the slave who raps for the label
He's trapped in a cradle surrounded by serpents
Thinking they're toys, he makes noise for the merchants
The poison is purchased by kids at the mall
Looks like Bill Cosby was right after all

Chapter 4: Abortion

This thing is drastic- my sadness I can't mask it
It's tragic how wombs have turned into caskets
Genocide on the unborn- have you seen this?
Babies sacrificed on the altar of convenience
At least two lives are shredded- impossible not to regret it
As hard as she tries, she won't forget it
A personal war that hurts to the core
Yet there's hope with a merciful Lord

Chapter 5: Injustice

How long will the poor be marginalized?
How long will leaders deceive us with fraudulent lies?
Vileness exalted amongst the children of man
Ill with the plans, skilled with the scams with guilt on his hands
There's filth in the land- the world says, "Blessed are the wicked"
But God hears the cries of the oppressed and afflicted
The strife of their songs, the night's very long
But Christ's coming back strong to right every wrong

Chapter 6: Regrets

I don't wanna spread pain- I'll probably stay in Philly
When people say they have no regrets, I say "Really?"
If you only saw my chronicles
Man, I've done so many wrong things that I lost track a long time ago
The Lord is my witness
To anybody that I ever hurt, I ask for your forgiveness
I truly don't know why Christ would take my place
But the worst of all sinners has been saved by grace

Chapter 7: Solus Christus

Jesus Christ is God- it's plain to see
Sinners He came to free and though He lived blamelessly
He died shamefully and painfully
His resurrection proved that He was who He claimed to be
And God, it's bugged- I'm amazed You came to visit us
And how the Judge could take the place of the prisoners
The faith of the listeners: righteousness credited
Priceless inheritance through what Christ has merited

Grace and peace to the Ambassador
Grace and peace to my brothers Redeemed Thought
Grace and peace to my man Lee Jerkins
Grace and peace to everybody blood bought

Chapter 8: Holy Hip-hop

Because cats abuse it, many think that it's stupid
Yet the Master chooses to use rap music
So the hood could see His worth, that He's good in His works
Yet we're mocked by the world, misunderstood by the church
Still, let's take care to guide the youth and share not hide the truth
And in this way we'll bear abiding fruit
And if I may quote, "Hold your ground
Keep repping what you believe and soon you'll receive your golden crown"

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