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Storiez by Shai Linne

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by Shai Linne

Album: Storiez

Listen to me, baby girl, I know that you're upset
Come over here to Daddy, baby, let me wipe your eyes
What I'm about to tell you, Rachel, you must not forget
So listen very closely and I'll give you a surprise
Your daddy and your uncles have been busy making bricks
And they don't pay us anything- just blood, sweat and tears
If you came to where I work, you'd see the pyramids
Our people have been building those for 400 years
Remember when I introduced you to Mr. Aaron?
The one who pinched your cheeks and said you had a nice dress
Well him and Mr. Moses have been talking to the Pharaoh
Because the God of Abraham is gonna give His people rest
Some crazy things been happening the last couple of weeks
You didn't even notice because we're living in Goshen
The smell of death is everywhere in Egypt and it wreaks
Cause Yahweh is angry and He's causing a commotion
First, He spoke to Mr. Moses from the burning bush
Commanded him to tell the Pharaoh "Let His people go!"
So that it would be said from Egypt all the way to Cush
That Yahweh is God because everybody would know
Then he went before the Pharaoh and all of His servants
Knowing that the Lord was gonna harden Pharaoh's heart
When Mr. Aaron threw his staff, it turned into a serpent
But Pharaoh had magicians and they used their secret arts
Their staffs turned to snakes too, but Mr. Aaron's ate them
Because they don't know that our God is the One who caused the flood
But Pharaoh wouldn't let us in the wilderness to praise Him
So Plague 1: Yahweh turned the Nile into blood
The fish died, the river stank, no water for Egyptians
But Pharaoh's heart was so hard, he didn't even pause
The miracle was somehow copied by Pharaoh's magicians
So the second time around, Yahweh hit 'em with the frogs
When Pharaoh still was hard-hearted, Yahweh brought the gnats
This was Plague number 3- but now something was different
As hard as the magicians tried, they couldn't copy that
They told him, "This was God"- Pharaoh still wouldn't listen
Plague number 4 was the swarm of the flies
Plague number 5- all the livestock died
Plague 6- sores terrorized
Plague number 7- fiery hail fell from the skies
You still with me Rachel? I need you to focus
I have something for you- soon I'll reveal it
Continuing- Plague number 8 was the locusts
And Plague 9- it got so dark that you could feel it
You would think that Pharaoh had a little common sense
But after all of that, honey, he still hasn't budged
But when this night is over, he will be fully convinced
Because Yahweh's gonna show Himself to be the perfect Judge
You know how you do bad things and then you get a beating?
It's like that with God- He punishes our wrongs
He can't just look the other way because that would mean He's cheating
But unbelievably, He's been patient for so long
But now time is running out and so is God's pity
He's the universal Ruler many don't want to cherish
So tonight He's gonna send the Destroyer through the city
And the first-born son in every house is gonna perish
Look over there, honey- see the blood on our door?
When God notices that, He's gonna pass by
By faith, we're believing in the Word of the Lord
That whoever isn't covered by the blood's gonna die
So now, back to Fluffy: It doesn't seem nice
But part of God's plan was to substitute another
An innocent victim, Fluffy paid the price
Because if it isn't Fluffy, it's gonna be your brother

Scene 2
We rushed into the house so we could finish up our dinner
"Rachel, honey, eat your food as fast as you can!"
The bread was unleavened and the herbs- they were bitter
Belt tight, sandals on, with my staff in my hand
"Joseph and Rachel, it's almost time to go to sleep
Mommy's gonna wash you up and I'll tell you a story
While Daddy's cleaning up, I don't want to hear a peep
Matter of fact, I don't want you to have to wait for me"
We put the kids to bed, I knew the time it was dawning
I looked at the table and that's when it hit me
Moses said, "Let nothing remain until the morning"
We had leftovers and we had to burn them quickly
I started grabbing meat and throwing it on the fire
All over my face, there were drops of perspire
I cried out for mercy as it came down to the wire
The Destroyer was here! Time had expired!

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