Oh My Lord by Sho Baraka

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Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka

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Oh My Lord
by Sho Baraka

Album: Turn My Life Up

Oh My Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord (4x)

Verse 1
She can hear the choir clap and hear the deacon hum fingers slide across the organ, hear the bass thump all the saints in the church on one accord singing with a passion to him like ďOh My LordĒ through sickness and death, yeah youíre still Lord through success and wealth, yeah youíre still Lord but church I got something you could pray for the soul of my son that he begins to pray more and please Lord save my son from his sins although heís locked in prison I pray he be born again but at the same time he writes his mom a final note sayin sorry for the hurt, trouble, lies and dope sorry mom I let you down but Iím losing hope but my freedom comes now in a chair and rope she gets a letter from the prison and her tears pour cuz all she can say is ďOh My LordĒ


Verse 2
Reflecting on the words of my praying big brother somebody slipped me Helen Baylorís Praying Grandmother then I thought of my great grandmother a vessel of the Lord sharing signs and wonders you couldnít tell me that my granny wasnít saved then couldnít see couldnít walk still trying to praise him I would sit and just watch in amazement she got a strength within that could shame brave men but now we would call her faith sort of Ancient but her family saw her faith and it changed them it took a while for me to realize my grannyís faith about the same time I realized the Lordís grace some would say she didnít have much to live for but as long as she lived she knew that he was still Lord she didnít have one dollar or cent but quiet is kept my great grandma was rich


Verse 3
Iíve seen a weak man demonstrate strong faith Iíve seen a lame sister running this long race Iíve seen an undeserving people get the Lordís grace Iíve even seen a blind man seeking out the Lordís face take a look at the name that the Lord made testimonies echo from the grave of the freed slaves from Jim Crow laws to protest in the street got people on their knees praying Lord bring peace A daughter crying cuz her momís on crack her popís is in prison and her brotherís going back Lord help em see that you bring life and even in the darkness Lord you bring light and even that dumb man you make wise and even to the weak man you give might people saying runaway but not where to well my earnest prayer is that they start running to you

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