Oh Well by Sho Baraka

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Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka

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Oh Well
by Sho Baraka

Album: Lions and Liars

They say oh well, It's still a good day
They say oh well, It's still a good day
They Say oh well, It's still a good day
They say oh well, It's still a good day

Another day in this world system, still tripping
Why did I expect any thing different
Save whales, save dogs, save dolphins
Save trees Kids ain't really that important
See signs of a genocide we keep silent
But for some land and oil we get violent
All I hear is less faith more science
If it feels good to you then try it
The sex addicted make kids porn victims
Bloods shed blood, crips set tripping
Young girls watch video and live reckless
Give up their virginity, all for a necklace
My man was driven he was sitting on wisdom
But he traded that in for some rims that spinning
He got 26's but the rent he cant pay
He's like oh well its still a good day

I saw an old friend, who I meet back in school
We wasted our lives, we were way to cool
He told his story, then I shared mine
Come to find he hasn't changed much since 99
He's one of those IF brothers you've meet before
If I had this or if I wasn't poor
If I had money I'd open a store
If he probably cared at all he'd probably more
All the money he wants cant buy joy
Dollar bills don't make men out of boys
Money can't buy him love but it buys stripper
It can't fix his wrongs but it buys liquor
I might become an old man with a bad liver
I've been drinking for years and I hate to be a quitter
My pops sold drugs, momma was an alchy
So when I got old I was pretty sure what I'll be
An aimless soul, struggling to cope
Govt selling us hope but giving us rope
To hang myself so I die a little everyday
But he's like oh well it's still a good day

I'm far from perfect so I know the LORD's worth
Even on holiday you know the LORD works
Outside of Christmas I'll rap in his name
Jokers mad at me, I don't this for fame
I will not sell my soul trying to make it in the game
Most of these rappers content stay lame
There's good rappers but our music not the same
They rap for the dollars I rap for the change
I don't do this for the selfish gain- homie
He went Autotune when he took the T-pain homie
Pull over you in the wrong lane homie
I swear it read HOV only
I aint talking about roc, I'm talking about roc
Watch that sky drop, And you can get it bro
I guess what I'm trying to say
Oh Well...it's NOT a good day

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