Rescue Me - You Are My Everything by Sho Baraka

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Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka

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Rescue Me - You Are My Everything
by Sho Baraka

Album: Turn My Life Up

Psalm 51:1-4

Verse 1
They say blessed is the man who’s sins are forgiven/ cuz my bones wasted away when I kept them hidden/ no rest for my soul , night nor day/ evidence that your hand was heavy upon me/ who can conceal their sins from GOD and then prosper/ like we can conceal our sins from our father/ like how can we enjoy life without bother/ when I mock his authority and stain his honor/ but when I confessed my sins you covered my iniquity/ restored the joy of my Faith erased all the guilt in me/ the counsel of the wise will drive a man to repentance/ while a fool is like a mule he finds pride in resistance/ and you didn’t ask me to feel better through my works/ and I didn’t feel better beating myself to the dirt/ and I know I need to find my worth in Christ the risen King/ but I get depressed with my sins and then I start to think/

Just like a ton of brick my sins are weighing heavy on me/
So I die to myself, trust in GOD and in him only/
Lord keep me strong so I wont do wrong /
This is my song please rescue me/

Verse 2
Seek for the Lord, in a time he could be found/ seek for the Lord and that time should be now/ cuz you don’t want the consequences of sin in your life/ like David, Samson, Ananias and Sapphira/ don’t dance with the fire/ reconcile that thing before your time expires/ enjoying our father should be our sole desire/ he’s our hiding place from harm/ you surrounds us with instructions and songs/ I’m glad the future hope has renewed me today/ cuz yesterday’s circumstances had me drifting away/ but I understand repentance now that I understand grace/ I hit a bump in the road but I’m still running this race/ and since I had a pardon from the Lord/ I turned from my sins to the church be restored/ and when my faith gets weak I want a real touch/ cuz my flesh got me thinking that my sin is to much

Lord please rescue me (4x)

You Are My Everything

Oh Wonderful, Counselor,
Almighty GOD, The Great I Am,
My Blessed Hope, My Prince of Peace
Jehovah Jireh, that’s what you are to me.
Oh Lord You are my everything
Oh Soveriegn Lord and matchless King
For eternity may your praises ring
Jesus that’s what you are to me

Verse 2
Immanuel, GOD with us,
King of Kings, Holy One,
Rose of Sharon, Way, Truth, the Life,
Living Water, ultimate sacrifice,


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