Slow It Down by Sho Baraka

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Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka

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Slow It Down
by Sho Baraka

Album: Turn My Life Up

Verse 1
My man said Sho you gotta come hard A wise man said you gotta come smart Lost in confusion I donít know where to start I guess Iíll do both and just come from the heart Smart enough to know I gotta pray fast read hard enough to know I gotta hit those streets at the heart of the issue it aint about me Iím just a pawn in line trying to promote the king donít claim to be a prophet but I see the end of things I used my own methods now the Spirit intervenes although I want you to jump and catch the rhythm scheme I want you to jump and catch the affections of Elohim and the son of Elohim the one true king we rob him of his glory by exalting the means and by means I mean things things we use and do to exalt the king heís GOD on the throne high and exalted heís GOD all alone itís the LORD of host who rocks the crown we doing to much we need to slow it down

Slow it down (slow down) 2x
Exalt GOD to his proper place 2x (Repeat)

Verse 2
My man Jís in seminary here been doing that seminary thing for a year he gets a pat on his back from his seminary peers but he begins to have a preliminary fear because he studies but he doesnít apply while others do the work heís studying why they do the work and he philosophies on methods and structures to make him look wise while guys walk the earth so wretched he can break down the fall of man in a second he doesnít use compassion when he shares his faith he has a whole lot of truth but not a lot of grace the more I do the more the Lord is pleased I guess he doesnít understand Luke 17 Too many reading the bible not being the bible we need a revival LORD humble us
(Big shout to Stephen The Levite)

Verse 3
Trip Lee
Use hip hop for Him, man I got a lot of flows
The Lordís been good man I got a lot of shows
Not to talk as if Iím hot and got a lot of dough
Iím trying to say I gotta stop and I gotta go slow
Cause you get wrapped up in rap stuff and thatís crunk
But you have to seek after the Master
No itís not a lot of time in between all of the rhymes
To keep Him all in your mind and read His chapters but
I cant keep Him in the back of my mind
When I travel and rhyme I have to find
Ways to make sure my praise remains pure
This Kings the great Lord, so I factor time
In my days just to dive in the pages and I been
Amazed and enlightened, Iím praying and striving
That way the King stays on my mind and
I been changing and made to be like Him
Just know that my hope is to grow and now
I hope you notice that Christ is my focus pal
I do this so I can hold it down
For Jehovah I slow up and slow it down

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