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Renegades Never Die by Skrip

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by Skrip

Album: Renegades Never Die

Verse 1
Gold, riches, diamonds, m-m-majestic, sold out
Timeless that what you chasing
For the pleasure of your eyelids
Living out the past we supposed to keep behind us
You listening while they reel em in
Painting portraits of them Porsches and Mercedes Benz
They got high class friends and a lot of fans
Flash you on that red carpet with the glitz and glam
You do what they do, you say what they say
You movin' like that, you never play games
You wanna dance like that, you wanna do your thing
You thinking you so raw but livin' just the same
Its like you stuck up in the middle
Thinking you ain't gonna fizzle
But your crippled by the ripple
Of their lies covered in riddles
Getting polished like a pistol
So it's time I blow the whistle

Thinking that you'll sit on the throne (throne)
Acting like your all so divine (divine)
While your searching for the signs (signs)
G-guide me and the blind

Verse 2
My brain on a chain reaction
So it's time to shine a light with passion
I've been given a message while the worlds collapsing
Prime time got a lot of action
The whole gang broken in our minds we cashing
To those that control droves and harrass 'em
I've been in the run knee deep in the mud
And that's just what happened
My hand to the plow so it's time to get down
Til they go ahead and gas em, gas em
We post them up on the wall
We throw em up make a call
Spread em out, blow em up
And we don't have a clue
That we idolize everything
And we steady chasing dreams
That will leave us so so deceived
On bended knee
If they ever preached a sermon
Then you determined to hurry up and bow
With no discernment
Long as they talking God
Blindly we follow till it feel right
Until the deeper we go we don't see the light


See what simon says won't get in my head
Cause I'm covered like a helmet and it's painted red
And there's only one throne that'll last forever
So if I'm ever part of the problem then Imma sever
So I'm becoming all things like it's my vendetta
And I know that I know that I can do better
So it's time for change and this is just a letter
For those who have ears just hear that you're being set up
We rhyme with no rights and we know it
We holding on to what's past and we show it
Dismissing the everlasting for the moment
Idols on your mind all the time we don't notice
An unseen power when our work is out of focus
So immune to the sting of the locust
We love the vanity, don't rid humanity
But there's a penalty for ignoring the majesty


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