Double Dip by Social Club, K-Nuff, Rey King

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Summer of George by Social Club

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Double Dip
by Social Club, K-Nuff, Rey King

Album: Summer of George

Yeah, Uh, It's Social Club, Yo

Verse 1: MartyMar
Yo, this that punch that bully in the face music that'll make you say
"If it wasn't for His grace, I'd probably have an early grave."
Things don't ever go my way, but I'm just getting used to it
Rolling with my renegades, I've been this way since 2nd grade
I'm with a gang of gangs, animals, orangutans
Super saved, kami-kaze, kamikaze I love Jesus so much I'll never stray
Prodigal son who left home without a place to stay
We the guys you love to hate
Yeah, we got this game into a frenzy
And trying to make me feel bad for my sin: it didn't help me
And trying to act perfect when you're not just isn't healthy
We made it on our own, forget your label, you won't shelf me
Yeah, they say there's new rules to this game
Well expect us to break as many rules as we can
And this everything I wanted, I got no room to complain
And after when we're done it's like nothing gonna be the same, Social

From them late nights to them long days, them big loads
We built this from the ground up, now we send low
And even when I doubted, you was by my side
I used to be blind, but now I see
I used to be blind, but now I see
I can see fine, we made it

Verse 2: K-Nuff
OK, K-Nuff here, Social Club, Misfit Gang, you know what's up
Good City Music, please don't judge
We already know that you notice us
Came in the game with a little bit of luck
A little bit of us would have been a little much
Stand in the middle in the middle of the clutch
Come to the show, leave with a bit of love
Yeah, That's how we do it
I'm right here, how you doing?
I'm just living, I'm just doing me, chilling, cooling, you know, steez
But God is awesome I gotta tell you my God is awesome
I stand in awe of him, so high I feel like endorphins
Caught in my system, I wouldn't stand here with no petition
If God is with me then tell me who's my competition
You know what's crazy? Crazy like Norman Batesy?
It's crazy when I think about the way that he done changed me
From the cradle all the way to the grave he
Took my walking dead just like an AMC made scene
Some of y'all will get it, some of you won't
Either way I guess I'm saying he just saved my soul


Verse 3: F.E.R.N.
This that boy that came from that church house
Then on my own I hit them streets and then lived in that cell block
Now on stages and bellhops (tell 'em)
Lord I love you Lord I praise you I was there but you done raised me up
To a place when I look back this view's amazing
This beat from Jay's a gift you see he laced it
The relationships we've been building out of our spaceship, bra
Have been epic, here's a couple I could mention tell 'em again
Have been epic, here's a couple I could mention (like who?)
KJ-52, HeeSun Lee, Skrip did his thing down in Miami, y'all had to see
And we didn't know anybody, the Lord gave us a mission
We took it and here go the album, I hope that you like it
Jay Cardec on the drums, how you feel about it?
The way the team is riding probably see a mil about it
This the flow that tell 'em Jesus is the king regardless
He's the Prince of Peace who keeps me in my state of calmness


Verse 4: Rey King
Heard that I'm sick, but couldn't get worse
I heard I'm blessed with a gift, but my gift is a curse
To you this is great, to me this is dirt
See I'm just sowing my seed, praying my trees go to work
Back to this hook and this verse, yeah, this hook and this verse
How he gonna ride 'em all up, just with a hook and a verse?
Get my flow from the heavens, come down to earth just to flirt
Tell the DJ bring it back, like sing this hook in reverse
They ain't making moves, rappers on a dive
We right now on that next flight
Y'all supposed to be next, right?
Come join that YG and come see what the best like
Come see what the rest like
That wolf pack, that jet life, that already dead life
That Biggie "Life After Death" life
That ummmmm, that living without no regrets life
The best life, misfit cause I rep Christ, Young God


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