Fade Away by Social Club, Khleo Thomas

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Summer of George by Social Club

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Fade Away
by Social Club, Khleo Thomas

Album: Summer of George

Social uh
Uh huh
Aye Khleo I see you
Flex I see you
D-Flow what it do?

Sufjan, follow your heart. Follow the flame, or fall on the floor

Verse 1: F.E.R.N.
Uh, yo
From day one I remember my, worth more than less em my
Pops told me that, left a dollar on my dresser
And them raps came to me like a basketball to Jordan
I was putting words together and became someone important
Dreams in the back of my mind, real life in front of it
Cats tryna sell me dreams, B.S. tons of it
I ain't gonna shovel it, I get from around them clowns
I'm for smaller government, transparency when I'm around
Uh, so get it clear like you see through it
They telling you you ain't gonna make it, here go theme music
Words from a man break me down: that's just real stupid
Social Club, Khleo Thomas with that real music
But it happens I know it there's don't be ashamed, stand strong in the pain
Follow your heart trust God and don't be afraid
At the end of the day that's just words that they say
So condition yourself to be stronger than them
I did it before I'mma do it again
Fernie Fern, I'm turned up times ten

Hook: Martymar
Awww, The things that you say make me fade away, away, away away. Awww
And I feel like I'm fading away, away, away, away. Awww
The way we fighting got me pushing away, away, away, away. Awww
But rescue me before we're fading away, away, away, away. Awww

Verse 2: Martymar
Follow my dreams a thousand M's
We got scars along the way, I'd rather die before I'm like them
Lost some family I lost some friends
I lost my girl I never really had her
They tried to fix me with religion but it only made me badder, I
Never should've made it this far
Got kicked out, that was this scar
Could've sworn that I missed God I did something happened that it did wrong
Like why? (Why?) I cover the pain with funny jokes
I say those things that they wouldn't know, I'm killing myself so it doesn't show
But I'm hurt inside
You said those things that rip my heart apart
And I'm trying to keep it together but I'm falling apart
Yeah, I finally gave it to God
I should've did that in the beginning
But I didn't so I got lost and now I'm singing


Verse 3: Khleo Thomas
I needed some time to clear my mind
Needed some space from all these lies
I'm feeling as if I'm alone in this world
Nobody gets it not even my girl
She's steady singing, tell me what's wrong
Why can't I see you, answer the phone
Where have you gone, you're not the same
The past few days I can tell you changed
I be like nah really you don't even know the half
Need to let it out but ain't giving you a chance
Rather keep it all inside self-loathing
Keep having dreams of me falling in the ocean
And I can't swim, can't breathe
Can't think about the things that I need
God please I'm praying, God please I'm begging
God please, God please
Help me through these times, I'm going out my mind
I swear I'm singing evilness in all these people's eyes
I don't know if I can take it
Please give me the strength to make it
I'm looking in the mirror but don't know if I can face it, yeah
See, things change for the best, isn't that what they say
Live life no regrets, but kept the pain
Stored away inside me, I know there's people just like me
That I followed away man ain't nothing the same
But who can I blame besides me?


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