My Eyes Burn by Social Club, Marz

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Misfits 2 by Social Club

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My Eyes Burn
by Social Club, Marz

Album: Misfits 2

Intro: Marz
You can't contain this energy
Follow me as we torch the sky

Verse 1: Fern
Uh, I flipped the tradition
The way I was living was different than what my family had envisioned
I went through a time that I brought it on myself
Would've been better if I had just listened
But, I was focused on living the life where
I was doing the stuff that I thought was right
I would stay up at night
Baggin the white
Dollars was stacking up high
This is the way I got by, and the fees are hotter than July
What you expect from your guy?
With a social by close to your pan of supply
For life, we are in it right till we die
Misfits everywhere, rejects multiple
Leave all the mess to the side
Cause when we ride, we are not letting it slide
I put that on where I reside
This is that moment in time
You realize this is your time to grind
Lined up with the goodness of God
And the world can't stop what we've brought
Recollect everything I've been taught
Spitting that raw my writtens deserve an award
Oh Lord got Marz on board
And the flow not regular
I burn bright like my iPhone cellular

Hook: Marz
I'm not who i was bred to be
There's a wild fire in me
Like a roaring rocket
Faster than the speed of sound (you can't contain this energy)
Shattered images of all that you believe (follow me as we torch the sky)

Burn bright, through the night
We're burning bright, all through the night
Burn bright, through the night
We're burning bright, all through the night

Verse 2: Marty
It's the life we chose
Or the life chose me
And I might go ghost
But I'm not gonna sleep
And we all gonna eat
That's what I told my team
And we put God first
Put that over everything
I got everything that I wanted
Nothing in my life that I need
I'm gonna always keep it 100
That's the way that i'm gonna always be
My old friends still get faded
Love too quick I should've waited
Went from lover to a hater
That's the way you know made it
Rap game Danny Tanner
I got no help
Did it independent
Religious people always get offended
Cause the tattoos the way that we living
That's just how we do it bro
Got the system of normal living
Got a gang of misfits
Got everybody nobody missing
Own the streets and we run the city dog


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