Misfit Gang by Social Club, Rswift

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Rejects by Social Club

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Misfit Gang
by Social Club, Rswift

Album: Rejects

Verse 1: Fern
It go '03 Audi TT when you pulled up
Gucci vintage frames, and your frame was the truth bruh
At the time wasn't seeing eye to eye with God
We still managed to make it through all the odds
Such mercy, three years found guilty
But I stayed down south my lady rode with me
Visitation like kiss in the hood
She telling me her dreams while I'm tearing up the grub
Cheno Lyfe and Bless'd know what I speak on
Weekend with my boo I could work a whole week on
The Lord kept my wife on my vacation
Made it through the storm and Camille was the compensation
My two girls are my world, I get choked up
Cause when I see them smile I'm doing what I'm pose'ta
Work hard, love hard, it's the recipe
The backbone to my life, my wife next to me

Hook: ZG
I gotta question girl, what do you see in me?
Don't have nothing to give you, I can't be a super man
It may seem like forever and then it all fades away
I just wanna be the one to make you smile baby
Whoa whoa ohh
Whoa whoa ohh yeah
Just wanna be the one to make you smile baby

Verse 2: MartyMar
Never been good with love songs
You're the one I think of late at night when I come home
I still text you knowing that you won't respond
But I wish I was with you I'm not good alone
Wait, let me put it into words
Like "I love you" and it's hard to say those things in front of her
These girls act desperate and it gets on my nerves
And I can't tell you how many times it didn't work
Like, I know what I don't deserve, I never mess with these insecure girls
You're everything I wanted in this world
And my friends call us crazy and my ex hates on her
But she don't really care cause she knows how I feel
She told me that she loves me, I just hope that it's real
I told her that everything gonna be fine
Just give me your heart and you can keep mine

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