Heart of David by Steven Malcolm

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The Second City by Steven Malcolm

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Heart of David
by Steven Malcolm

Album: The Second City

Verse 1
Yeah, my mind too gone
My life, who gon' see what I do in the dark when there's no one around, I knew that from the start
Fit for a King, so they crown me
Humbled that God even found me
Thoughts have been haunting
Apart from the Father, my guard has been harbored
Caught dead in my sin
Been so deceived I'll kill for this love
Now it's like a disease fulfilling my needs
Yeah, playing with fire so deep in my sin
I try to run but she pull me back in
Don't get it wrong it take two to tango
Thought I was good but this girl got me strangled
Yeah, I'm feeling trapped so deep in my sin
Yeah, who can I go to, I'm dying within?
Yeah, Lord I need you to bring light in the dark
Before I put this before You in my heart
Before I put this before You in my heart

Verse 2
Talk about pain I've been in the chains feeling everything but joy, going insane
Life hitting me from every angle feeling of shame
Rain pouring down on a saint soaked in the same
Trenched into slavery, wrestling daily, Jesus I need you to save me
Thought it wouldn't phase me, fell for the lie let my pride get the best of me
Feel like I died
And when it came time to confess why, it was prophesied by the Most High
That he take my son to redeem the condition, still don't know if I'm forgiven
Lord give me strength 'cause I'm slippin'
Is my ministry diminished?
Is the cross of my mission?
Is this lifestyle finished?

Verse 3
Uh, regretful for all of my filthiness
The shame, the hurt, the guiltiness
The blame, the dirt, the scorn
I pray that I conquer my thorns
I pray you see me through all my sinfulness
I look at the cross and see innocence
So undeserving I know this how you reflect God, and his forgiveness
I am praying for peace, I'm praying for wisdom
I pray that my eyes won't become my demise
I pray before I make a choice
I hear his voice I see the source ignore the lure, knowing that I need the Lord
Realizing that I need support
Reunite and be on one accord
For the fight I put my sin to the floor
And conviction I never ignore, yeah
New life, too strong, old me, lukewarm
True Christ who called me out of darkness
The sin of the heartless, the death of the harlot
I beg your pardon, I'm just getting started
Deny myself and lay rest to this martyr
God give me grace for this heart that I harden, yeah

Create in me a pure heart
Create in me a pure heart
Pure heart, give me a pure heart
Pure heart, a pure heart

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