Joy Invincible by Switchfoot, Jenn Johnson

Song Lyrics

Joy Invincible
by Switchfoot, Jenn Johnson

Album: Joy Invincible - Single

Verse 1
Everything fell to pieces
When my eyes met yours
In that hospital gown
And the dreams we once were dreaming
That we held so close
Felt impossible now
And all the plans we held for the future
And all the memories up from the past
The world that I once knew
Was in a cardboard box
In the lobby lost and found

Hallelujah, nevertheless
Was the song the pain couldn't destroy
Hallelujah, nevertheless
You're my joy invincible
Joy invincible, joy
Joy invincible, joy invincible, joy
Joy invincible, joy invincible

Verse 2
Tears were in my eyes when the phone rings
If only life didn't need us to be this brave
But we don't live in the world of if only's
Stretched tight in between our birth and our graves

Hallelujah, nevertheless
Was the song the pain couldn't destroy
Hallelujah, nevertheless
You're my joy invincible
Joy invincible, joy

Open your eyes
Look to the skies
We are the children of the promise
Hold to what's real
Everything heals
We are the children of the promise
Open your heart
Look for the sparks
We are the children of the promise
Love is your place
Feel the light on your face
We are the children of the promise

Tears were in my eyes when the phone rings
Maybe it's Your joy that's giving me strength

Hallelujah nevertheless
Was the song the pain couldn't destroy
Hallelujah nevertheless
You're my joy invincible
Joy invincible, joy
Joy invincible, joy invincible, joy
Yeah, You're my joy invincible, joy invincible, joy

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