Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic by T-Bone

Song Lyrics

by T-Bone

Album: GospelAlphaMegaFunkyBoogieDiscoMusic

It's the return of the Boneybone, patnas trippin'
Cuz I'm dippin' in my Lincoln, plus I'm pimpin', still sittin' on chrome
Bringin' you that gospel sound that make you wanna boogie woogie
Move ya body around, whether you crips, bloods, pimps, thugs
It don't matter, I know you feelin' this mug, gospel rap with a gangsta twist
In tha mix, like a blender, these funkadelic sounds make you wanna get down
We get it crumpin' from tha club in, to tha church, got Ďem jumpin'
Even gangstas be lovin' tha sounds of Mista Chase be dumpin'
It be something that you never heard, 2010 gangsta beats with the holy word
So get down, cuz we came here to make ya move, boogie woogie oogie
And feel the groove, so relax to the rhythm, feel the beat and get down
To this gospel alpha mega funky boogie disco music sound

Awaa nuttin' but the ghost in me
Supergroovalistic hits ya see

I'm still reaching through preachin' and teachin', speakin
Not only every weekend, but each and everyday I'm breathin'
In or out of season, believen' tha reason, these demons is leavin'
Seizen', and not retrievin' is because tha name of Jesus that I be screamin'
Make ya wanna holla, pop ya collar, you didn't know dogg
You listening to a rap scholar, but I never got A's or D's
I'm from the west where we only got B'S and C's, G's and thieves
Infested with this gang disease, PCP, and rydas quick to pull and squeeze
Ohh weee, I'm tryin' make the music for the people, Christians in the church
Or tha thugs in the Regals, Latinos, Blacks, Whites, cuz we all created equal
Ohhh wee, who'd thought east and west, cursed to blessed, tha Boneybone and KRS

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