Dark Days, Darker Nights by Tedashii, Britt Nicole

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Below Paradise by Tedashii

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Dark Days, Darker Nights
by Tedashii, Britt Nicole

Album: Below Paradise

Verse 1 - Tedashii:
My pain is real
Don't pretend you can feel
I appreciate your prayers, but I'm keeping it real
Kitchen and skitching I'm gripping the steel
Hand in my pain, and let's keep it concealed
Mad at the world, and I'm ready to kill
Hollering pain, and they letting me live
Making me sick, and they calling me ill
The mood that I'm in, I die to the fear
No lie, testify
Left hand on the Bible, right hand to the sky
My days be long, nights seem long
Calling on help and nobody is home
All by myself, and I feel so alone
Cold world, yeah, and I know it's for show
Worst day of my life, and it's just getting badder
Asking Him why and looking for answers

Hook - Britt Nicole:
Dark days and darker nights
Heart break dreams from this heartened mind
Don't understand it
Can't understand it

Verse 2 - Tedashii:
Bombay and that Alizé
Purple Sprite with that Grand Marnier
Sip, slurp, sizzurp, hurl
Do it again the same next day
Hey, marijuana, ganja
Blown crop dust like I was a farmer
Mary Jane that dame I called her
Invested my home and living with roaches
Womanizing, traumatizing
The reason that made me despise me
My Savior's bringing them gifts
Presented as wise men trying to entice them
Liars all wired up
By the men before but I was the first
But this is no race or wretch
A mess and I'm trying to find help
Looking at pictures it making me sadder
Feeling so helpless it making me madder
Worst day of my life, and it's just getting badder
Asking Him why and looking for answers
Wondering if He ever gon come back
If He is then man can you pick up the slack
Cause this place that I'm in I may never come back
Feeling so lost and don't know where I'm at


Verse 3 - Tedashii:
Uh, I pick up on a sign quick
I don't know what I could find if
Someone could get me out the mess I'm in
Brain loss, gone and all it's sin
I know I'm hurting from my past pain
And people tell me I goin insane
I think they lying so I keep pressing
The way things I used to do, trying to impress em'
This pain, I gotta let it go

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