Burn This House Down by Tedashii

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Blacklight by Tedashii

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Burn This House Down
by Tedashii

Album: Blacklight

In my room, feelin trapped
A prison without bars
Stay dreamin of escape in my getaway car
Or a ship from outer space, maybe Venus, maybe Mars
I just want another place, this one seems to hard
Maybe another state, this one seems too large
For me to navigate
Man my compass seems wrong
So lighter, fire, matches if I had this
I would burn this whole thing down right now
I don't need it no more
Man that part of me is gone
Every picture, every letter, every part of this home
You can keep it, I don't need it
I'm movin', it's not a secret
I got a new home, and I'm goin there to see it

There's a burnin in my soul and there's nowhere to go
So with fire in my eyes, I light up the sky
Let it burn (let it burn)
I burn this whole house down, let it burn (let it burn)
I burn this house to the ground
Cause there's too many memories, too much pain
Too much for me to bear I'm goin' insane
Let it burn(burn)
I burn this house to the ground, let it burn(burn)
I burn this house to the ground

I can't wait til I'm out of this house that I'm in
Cause every single day I feel trapped inside my skin
Every scratch, every crack, every spot on the exterior
Flaws that make me pause, I feel so inferior
I was seven when I felt it, I couldn't conceive it
Age eleven felt it again and that's when I believed it
Advances made at me and I wouldn't receive it
I tried to move on, but I'm stuck like cement
And I felt so alone, man it's like this thing trapped me
I played make believe to erase that it happened
Every falling star, I'm wishin for a change
I need another place to live free from these chains


If you push me one more time
Man I swear that it's on
They always pickin' on me and won't leave me alone
Racial slurs, hateful words, while people stand there and laugh at ya
Go back to where? But I'm not even from Africa
Hard knock life with these after school fights
Man I just wanna live, this doesn't seem right
Man it seems so wrong pain lasts this long
But this pain was the push to make me want a new home
I didn't see it but it saw me
Didn't seek it but it sought me
Didn't buy it but it bought me
Hope you catch it, it caught me
Even victims aren't innocent
And need answers for sinfulness
I understand the simpleness
But most still missin' it


Let it burn, let it burn
I'm not gon' miss it when it's gone
Let it burn
And if you thinkin' that I'm sayin'
That you gotta be playin'
I cant wait to leave, let it burn

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