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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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He Cares
by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Man... I know it gets hard sometimes
And to be honest this life doesn't seem that fair at times
But I understand that we serve a great God who's sovereign
He's got everything in control and, even though it looks dim man, trust in Him

Verse 1:

We grew up on the same block, handling the same rock
The Skip to My Lou, my little crew on the black top
My big homey (incomprehensible), always dying for me,
Older, so I looked up to him dawg he was like family

The coolest of the cool, and, almost through his school but,
During the last week he got broken off with the heat
Now he's gone and his kids are left alone
It's got me peeping Solomon for more than just his Song (ecclessiastes?

I wish i could turn back the hands of time
For all the people who lost a loved one and felt like they was gone before they time
But instead I'll encourage us to put our trust in Jesus
And know that God is sovereign it all happens for a reason

Keep your eyes to the hills and believe that help is on the way
Although the sky is black, He promises a brighter day
Weeping man, endure for a night
I know its hard to wait patiently, so I pray He strengthens you in the wait


When you feel all alone
When your father's not at home
When your joy turns to gray
You can turn and call on Jesus name

Cast your burdens on the Lord
When life seems too hard
He won't allow you to be moved
And I know He will sustain you.

Verse 2:

There's so much pain the city streets, check the city peeps
We're in perilous times which means that pain is sure to increase
So I, do this ballad for the beautiful babies gone now
And for the families who too afraid to leave home now

Like the family in Chicago who's daughter was ten
And at a birthday party, she was taken from them
I write this song for my neighbors on this side of my state,
Who had lives, but watched Katrina wash it away.

Plus, I know the pain of a life without your father
Even have the chance to meet him but you think why even bother
Because you don't really miss nothing you never really had
But that thinking leaves you lonely, still longin' for your dad

Man, if we would only take the truth of text
Read lamentations 3:32 for the rest
And see the truth that the Father loves us
Even though He brings calamity, He gives us compassion like hugstaz


Verse 3

We live in a world, and when it rains and pours - I know it does man
And when bad things happen to good people in this world man
When the poor get poorer and the richer have the upper hand
Where pain is related to actions, so no one moves and

It's hard for us to understand the ways of life
Take my cousin last year for example when she lost her life
To a drunk diver, now she was sweeter than Godiva
They said she died on impact and this dude was the survivor

I recognize, that life brings pain that will cease for a time
And then it returns but we long for a consistent peace of mind (Lord)
So I present Jesus for those who feel burdened
The same God who allows evil, steps sin and gets spurned for it

Ambassador said one day we will cry no more
But in the meantime go and cast your cares on the Lord!
'Cause he cares for you, psalms 55 and 22 (psalm 55:22)
Gives us the proof that this God will see you through.


Amen. He cares man. Even when it seems dark, He cares. The Father loves us. He cares for us man. Please believe me, He loves you.

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