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The Thesis by The Ambassador

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Crown Him
by The Ambassador

Album: The Thesis

In a day in time
When hip-hop seems to be runnin' things on earth
It's time to direct it's attention toward heaven
Let's do this!
It's time to meet ya maker

The story's over 6,000 years so it's pretty old
Been rhymin' about it, gotta shout it my city's cold
Like the artic, this artist has thought of martyrs
To keep me going regardless
In light of the Lord of harvest
Any life given to Christ does get affected
You gotta realized this guy was resurrected
That's why my motto is Hip-Hop's got to acknowledge him
The God of men liver than David, hotter than Solomon
Better than Pac and them- Biggie, and Pun put together
His Throne set up forever- Son has got the credibility
Ill as He is, still got humility
One God- but persons are three like a trilogy
I'm tryin' to monitor is this beyond your mind or what
This kind of stuff enlightens you like when it's noon and blinds are up
I'm just tryin' to get your confidence up
When you hear his name this kind of response is enough

All things— everything, past, present and future
Broad things— I'm talkin' the vast and the minutia
He's better than you in whatever you think that you're better in
Stronger, plus he's been doin' it longer like a veteran
These are the things I'm feedin'
Even the heathen can see Him in action—
That's when they either leave or believe Him
Your career- He's controlin' it
Check the men who fished all night and caught nothin'-
Like a catcher's mit that's got a hole in it
Then he rolled up told 'em take the nets and unfold 'em
Cast the net, they gotta catch so big the boat couldn't hold them
Can't box Him in, You're looking for the top- it's Him
Beat Him, you'll never see it like me up in some moccasins
Many stories are just like this so I write this
Hip-Hop or not, you've gotta know who Jesus Christ is

Your neighborhood or your block
Your mansion or ranch, your condominium
House on the lake or your yat
Lord over your writes, over your mic, over your booth the
Lord over you life, over your wife, over your mula
Lord of your acquisitions, Lord of your things
Lord of your chains, Lord of your watches, Lord of your rings
Deservin' worship- His word is a perfect law and it brings
Grace to the world universal- He's Lord of the kings
Hip-Hop- I'm tryin' to get you in your Bibles
So in your heart you'll prepare a place like He's doing for His disciples
Don't be alone, better have an aid
Satan'll have his way, plus your heart'll block truth like a barricade
This is to set it straight like when you calibrate
Out of babes He's established praise- why don't you have a taste

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