Levitate by Thi'sl

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Levitate by Thi'sl

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by Thi'sl

Album: Levitate

Verse 1
Where I'm from the summer Fahrenheit
Will come and hype the murder rate
The OG's show the ray and we regurgitate
Before I learned to drive, I had my aim straight
Hand shaking, gripped around the handle of a .38
Was taught to bend, but we'd never break
Before we learned to fly, we had to levitate
Been a fighter since I was a featherweight
Granny on her knees, praying she hope I find a better way
Don't wanna fall to these homicides
But if I survive, then I'm traumatized
You ever see yo homie's mama eyes
That pain hit you so bad, it make you wish you would've died
That same pain make you wanna ride
Cock and aim, send em' to the skies
It's God's grace that I'm still alive
I am who I am
For that I won't apologize

Verse 2
I am who I am
Love it or hate it cuz' that's all I know
The sun barely shine, but we still grow
I cracked the concrete open like a black rose
Then life cut me down, left me shackled up in prison clothes
But three days later, I would rise
Like I was there when He was crucified
Who I am now is no surprise
This all being fulfilled
Coming to pass like it was prophesied
Search my soul, Look me in my eyes
Full of light, but I'm prepared to die
I rebuke you Satan, get behind
Get over there if you ain't down to ride
It's time to choose, this where we draw the line
I was made for this specific time
And that's the reason that I'm still alive
I am who I am
For that, I won't apologize

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