Adams Avenue by Tony Tillman

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Camden by Tony Tillman

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Adams Avenue
by Tony Tillman

Album: Camden

Intro: Dice Arm
Hey you
Hey you
Hey come here
Come here fool
Show you why I'm the king on these dice boy
All I do is win boy
Ah, see it
Let me get that
Who's next
Ah, Stan what's up baby
Hey what's up baby
Ah forget you then, stuck-up

Derek Minor pretending to be a Crip
Hey what up little man
You know its crazy on these streets boy
Goons out on the prowl
You outta need protection
You know I got them guns for the little man

Verse 1: Crip Member/Devil and Young Tony Tillman

Crip Member/Devil:
Young love
What it is
Slow it down
Let me show you how to live
I've been seeing you pass through here
Ever want to make a little cash
I'll show you how to deal
All you got to do is hit the block

Young Tony:
Nah man i'm good
You gonna' mess around
Get me shot

Crip Member/Devil:
Nah man
Imma' mess around and get you paid

Young Tony:
You put my uncle Joe up in the grave

Crip Member/Devil:
Wait a minute man, chill

Young Tony:
Plus my mama told me don't mess with you fool
You mean me no good

Crip Member/Devil:
Your mama mean well and say what she should
But how you expect to leave out of your hood
How you expect to make it
And then go to college
You ain't got the knowledge for scholarships
You can't pay tuition
You ain't got them dollars
Let's be honest boy
You can't afford it
Your single mama can barely feed
I'm sure it

Young Tony:
Man I can borrow my way through man
I'm good at sports

Crip Member/Devil:
Ahh man you cool enough
But you ain't Michael Jordan
No disrespect but I can make you bills
And they'll be so thick you can't fold them up
You'll be the coolest bro
What you about 17

Young Tony:
Nah man I'm 15

Crip Member/Devil:
Well that's old enough

Backstory: Tony's Mama and Young Tony
Get them food stamps out of my purse
And go down to (?unintelligible store name?) so y'all can have something to eat while I'm at work

Young Tony:
Alright what you want me to get

I don't know....get some baloney or something

Young Tony:
Some oatmeal pies?

Nah don't get no oatmeal pies. Get what I told you to get and come right back. And don't go down Adams, go the back way!

Young Tony:
Ma, Adams is faster

I don't care. You ain't got no business on Adams, so go the back way. As a matter of fact, I better not ever catch you on Adams

Verse 2: Crip Member/Devil and Young Tony Tillman

Young Tony:
Ya, I hear you
Your offers cool
But Imma' keep my lane
I see what happened to them other dudes
Who put their hope in you
They all leave in shame
They leave in boxes
Or they leave in chains
But it's all the same
Because it's you who trap them

Crip Member/Devil:
Nah man I don't make them stay
They can leave whenever

Young Tony:
Ya, they all believe that until somebody clap them

Crip Member/Devil:
Hey whats' the problem
Huh why so hostile
Mama's baby doing what he's taught
You need a bottle or your diaper changed
Too scared to hank
Or too small to walk

Young Tony:
Ya, whatever i'm just being smart
Seeing through your lies
It don't make me soft
Seeing those other guys who didn't cut you off
Live a life of crime
And end up gettin' caught

Crip Member/Devil:
What you tryin' to say
That it's my fault
But take a look around
It's my turn
I could make you down man
I could make you boss
I know you seen your cousin
Ridin' around in the crown he bought
And he ain't ever take a loss
That was all me
Even put a gold herring bone on his neck
And you don't want that?

Young Tony:
Well he can't buy love

Crip Member/Devil:
Man, forget some love
But you don't want respect?
Now your Uncle John....

Young Tony:
Now hold up

Crip Member/Devil:
Now wait
I'm just saying
He was really cool


Crip Member/Devil:
People loved him
He was quite the guy
Hate that he had to die
But he could live through you
So what you think
If you really man enough
I could take you up a couple levels bro

Young Tony:
If my mama catch me she'll kill me though

Crip Member/Devil:
But she work at night so she'll never know

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