Give Him Glory by Trip Lee

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If They Only Knew by Trip Lee

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Give Him Glory
by Trip Lee

Album: If They Only Knew
by Trip Lee

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Hey, if they only knew, man. (Let's git it)
I wit it (Come on)
I wit it (What it do)
I wit it (Let's git it)
I wit it
But don't worry about who I am, man.
'Cause I ain't nothing but a tool for God's glory.
You know what I'm saying. (Let's git it)
I wit it (What it do)
I wit it (Let's git it)
I wit it (Yeah, come on)
I wit it

I'm not trying to get cash, this task
Ain't to make our hits last (the world)
Success is out of beats so fast
Your boy got whiplash (yeah)
We got different motives
and I ain't trying to get the dough
it's switched and now we spitting flows
and living just to lift Jehovah
Forget my name and my face (face)
I ain't just an entertainer
we was made for the Savior
to glorify His name (so bro)
We walk out; we walk it out
with crosses on our back (yeah bro)
and we live for the One we talk about (yeah)
He taught us how to act, bro
W'ain't her' for our pleasure
W'ain't her' to have fun (no)
but to help them see our God better
W'ain't trying to stack funds (no)
I ain't telling fairytales
ain't just telling my story
cause my life ain't worth nothing
if it ain't giving God glory (yeah)
So I ain't got no songs (songs)
where I repeat my name (my name)
in every single song (song)
you're hearing Jesus reigns (yeah)
No I ain't much of nothing
nothing but a sinner bro
by grace I'm more
I praise the Lord
the only thing worth living for.

Ah, I ain't living for myself
No it ain't about me
Anything the Lord do
He can't do without me
give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in the streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches)

We tryin'ta lift His name up
We don't want you praisin' us
Putting Christ front and center
And we layin' in the cut
give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in the streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches)

2nd Verses
When I eat, sleep, hit the streets
its only for His glory man
Plus I can grow each time I read (yeah)
He put it all befo' me man
Naw I aint gotta wonder how to please him with my life
its in the Bible man I can model what I see up in the Christ
God came in the flesh
he's the best
I can mock his living
And it was clear while he was here
He was all about His Father's business
He wasn't worried about himself
he was humble had a mug
He taught the folks how to act and was showing others love
We ain't trying to promote self (no)
We giving cats the Bible (yeah)
We aint trying to make dough
we trying to make disciples
Each time we learn we pass it on to a group of faithful men (men)
we read it back
we teach the cats
an' we pray they take it in (yeah)
And when we make decisions (decisions)
each time we have to base them
on how the Lord can get His glory
out the situation (listen)
The Bible clearly states
His glory is our purpose (our purpose)
so if we living for ourselves
our life is truly worthless


Trip Lee-
So give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in your streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches)

So give Him glory (every day man)
Give Him glory (in every way man)
Don't start living for yourself (homie)
Don't get led astray

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