Good In The Hood by Tye Tribbett, G.A.

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Stand out by Tye Tribbett, G.A.

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Good In The Hood
by Tye Tribbett, G.A.

Album: Stand out

I got something good inside of me

Good in the hood
It's good in the hood
Good in the hood
I got something good inside of me

Everybody ain't sticking up cars going to bars getting drunk to fight, everybody just talking junk.
Everybody ain't walking around with baggy jeans being mean and the lips purple cause we smoking trees.

Everybody ain't trying to be tough and violent, matter of fact I know some cats from the hood play the violin. Everybody downtown, don't frown cause you around just because you wear a suit don't mean we think you a clown.

Some of us are going to bed about eleven got to get up real early be at work quater to seven

Some of us are going to school not skipping class didn't make the dean's list but we still gone pass

Some of us are taking good care of all our kids; making sure they got clothes and something in the fridge.
Some of us are happy with life; we down with Christ, got a good head on our shoulders and we feel alright.

Hook: 2x

Verse 2
Walking around carrying guns thinking it's fun; got two and three girls carrying sons. Everybody ain't wearing all black and selling dope and crack to teens and fiends whose clothes don't match.

Everybody ain't cussing out babies because they driving you crazy
Just maybe they miss their daddy who left them the day before.

Everybody ain't sleeping around with everybody in town and when you hit the college ground it's going down.

Bridge 1
Some of us are working in barbershops and salons
Making money, paying bills and child support every month
Some of us are really good people just had a crazy life and now in jail for life with long nights.

Bridge 2
Some of us are going to church faithfully; got to get it right with God before we finally leave. Some of us are trying to do better we tried to get it together and when it's all said and done we trying to go to Heaven!

Hook until end

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