Joseph, Job and, David by Uncle Reece

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Bold by Uncle Reece

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Joseph, Job and, David
by Uncle Reece

Album: Bold

Verse 1: Uncle Reece
Got a coat of many colors
Betrayed by 10 brothers
Sold unto slavery. Lord You're so amazing!
I'm second unto Pharaoh where the Holy Spirit raised me
You saved me
And you gave me peace of mind. 3 years prison time, now I'm out here getting shine
Lied on, cheated on, beat up and bruised
But I never gave up hope in You 'cause You don't let me lose
I'll follow Your rules
'Cause You prepared a place for me
2nd unto Pharaoh where no slaves should be
I saw 7 years famine
Made a plan to face it. With enough preparation I can save 2 nations
Saved my whole family
God You have a plan for me
Cause I'm a dreamer with no plan b
We were meant to see miracles like every day
But when it comes to faith we fall short and we run away Hey

Hook: Uncle Reece
I got a coat of many colors
I endured the pain and I'm a warrior

Verse 2: Uncle Reece
Conversation with the devil that I would turn my back on You
You let him try me so You could prove that I'm a good man
Lord, You can test me
Boils on my body and I lost my whole family
Friends don't understand me. They think I'm doing wrong
'Cause everything that can go wrong is going on
My old lady said I should curse You and die
But I refuse to curse the God that did supply everything I have
You can't take the good without the bad
God is good even when my life is trash
I refuse to sin against You with the words I say
You took everything but didn't take my life away
Now I can say I was faithful 'cause I endured
I got double for my trouble now my body's cured
With everything I endured, I honored You
Now the whole world understands they can make it too

Hook: Uncle Reece
I got a coat of many colors
I endured the pain and I'm a warrior
Yeah 2x

Verse 3: Uncle Reece
Preteen, hard prayer, living in a field of dreams
Watching over sheep doing my Shepard thing
Sometimes it seems like life will never get better but on the side of the mountain I will worship You forever
Even if You never provide another thing
'Cause You saw what's in my heart, You made me king
5 rocks and a slingshot. Flung it in the air and heard a big pop
I seen the giant drop
Cut off his head with his own sword
Held up his head a screamed "You're the only Lord!"
Now I'm a giant killer
But King Saul wants me dead
Touch not His anointed! You heard what I said
So instead I'll just trust You
In the valley of the shadow of death You will bring me through
And prepare a place for me
Life looks better. My dream is to be with You forever

Hook: Uncle Reece
I got a coat of many colors
I endured the pain and I'm a warrior
Yeah 2x

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