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School of Roses by Christon Gray

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by WLAK, Dre Murray, Christon Gray

Album: School of Roses

Hook: Christon Gray
Oh Lord
Stone they all rejected
Still you did the unexpected
And stepped down from the throne

Oh Lord
Lower than the angels
No one else can save us
Cuz you are God alone

Verse 1: Dre Murray
They came to see me, I want 'em seeking you
The worlds a microscope they watching everything I do
Everything I say, every set I play
I got my head down, praying I don't go astray
That I never fall, that I never turn
See lightning strike, crash and burn
I'm in this airplane, dodging the clouds
On this narrow path dodging the crowds
Running from trends, seeing my friends turn to enemies
They slither like centipedes
100 problems, but he left 99
Just to find me, yea I was a blind sheep
98 on the freeway, eyes on the promise
But my past right behind me
I'm tryna get the one though
Future bright cuz my eyes on the Son bro


Verse 2: Dre Murray
The walls are caving in at times we can't breathe
These chains weigh a ton, its like they'll never leave
They say we been forgotten so at night we plead
To the author of life for help we really need
Your prophets spoke to us, told us to take heed
Taught us your holy way, spoke of a great King
Who at the throne pain, said He would soon reign
As we imagine this it feels like a great dream
What a great scene, what a great day
The angels sing as we bow and say
Reign forever, reign forever, living water
Yahweh make it reign forever
Other kings fall engulfed by the bowels of terror
But your King stands tall he will reign forever
My God we are greatly oppressed, assaulted
Some of us have suffered to death
But we still believe, this hope has been kept
In the heart from the start to bring peace as we wept
And now as we weep a summer of sleep
We long for the day death won't make a peep
We long for the day death won't make a peep
We long for the day death won't make a peep
See I'm just tryna get the one so
My future bright cause my eyes on the Son, bro


Verse 3: Dre Murray
We patiently await the mighty one who will redeem
And turn ashes into beauty what a beautiful thing
What a beautiful dream, but to me it's much more
When I close my eyes to sleep this is what I hope for
This is what I live for, to get a glimpse of that day
When his highness arrives for that very last fray
And the potter takes the clay and reveals why they are clay
At the same time we're speechless with so much to say
So much to ask as we bask in His glory
Finally at last we're at the end of the story
He says son that was the past there is no end to this story
There will be none after, there was none before me
Glory, Hallelujah
Many distractions but I'm tryna get to ya
See I'm tryna get the one so
My future bright cuz my eyes on the Son bro


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