Holy Water by We The Kingdom

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The Awakening by We The Kingdom

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Holy Water
by We The Kingdom

Album: The Awakening

God, I'm on my knees again
God, I'm begging please again
I need You
Oh, I need You

Walking down these desert roads
Water for my thirsty soul
I need You
Oh, I need You

Your forgiveness
Is like sweet, sweet honey
On my lips
Like the sound of a symphony
To my ears
Like Holy water on my skin

Dead man walking, slave to sin
I wanna know about being born again
I need You
Oh, God, I need You

So, take me to the riverside
Take me under, baptize
I need You
Oh, God, I need You

I don't wanna abuse Your grace
God, I need it every day
It's the only thing that ever really
Makes me wanna change

Oh, it's like Holy water on my skin
Yeah, it's like Holy water on my skin

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JESUS, provides Holy Water that is eternal in the Holy Spirit. The Father in Heaven blesses the saved who have come in Repentance of sins! The Holy Spirit brings forgiveness in confession. - Nov 2023

Love the new app and songs - Feb 2023

It's one of my 1 songs on my list. I love the super energy they give to the people. I enjoy the music too like hard rock but not too deep hard rock. - Jul 2022

My number 1 favorite son I love it.. yes - Aug 2021

I love love love this song. It is so my life. Thank you for writing it. - Mar 2021

I love love love this song when. I'm in my car and this song comes on I blast it This is one of my kingdom anthems - Sep 2020

I could listen to this song over and over all day long I love this song - Sep 2020

I Love this song. Oh, God, I need you!!!!! - Apr 2020

I have loved this song every since I first heard it on the wind 89.5. When it comes on I just turn it up as loud as I can and sing along. Thank you Jesus! - Apr 2020

Lifts my spirit everytime. Brings me to instant hallelujah - Mar 2020

OH MY GOD!!!!! This song is so perfect. I don't know how you sing it so well. Our choir tried singing this, and it did not go nearly as well as this did. - Mar 2020

Love this song... Come to my life in perfect time... Holy water on my skin yes... - Mar 2020

I love this song it is so worshipful and admiration to the Lord. I need this song to start my day - Feb 2020

I love it!! I love the way that it makes me want to sing along all the time! - Feb 2020

Love this song. - Feb 2020

Love this song - Feb 2020

LOVE IT - Jan 2020

This song resonates with my spirit! The tune, the beat, the words....so, so good!!! - Jan 2020

AWESOME song. All of the basic elements to a true believer. WONDERFUL song! - Jan 2020

A very beautiful song. I love to hear it. - Dec 2019

Love this new song! - Nov 2019

Spectacular harmonies and musicianship with beautiful, worshipful lyrics. Those harmonies always give me chills :D Love the whole production ! - Nov 2019

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