I Will Bow To You by Women of Faith

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Boundless Love by Women of Faith

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I Will Bow To You
by Women of Faith

Album: Boundless Love

Lord, I will bow to You
To no other God but You alone
Lord I will worship You
Nothing hands have made
But You alone

I will lay down my idols
Thrones I have made
All that has taken my heart
Lord, I will bow to You
To no other God but You alone

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I am Soul is revived and I have and have joy overflow by the instrumentality of this song. - guest / May 15, 2020

I Will Bow To You by Women of Faith..there are mystries about the song...the song is encouraging,and spiritual - guest / Sep 2, 2019

- In love with this song over and over again. In fact, I'm obsessed. - guest / Jun 1, 2019

God is bringing me back to my knees before him. I have not heard or sung the song in 8years. Just for me to wake up singing it from my sleep.Thank U Lord Jesus. - guest / Jun 29, 2018

This song is always a free and fast connector to our God, it forces me to submit it all to Him. - guest / May 31, 2018

I love the song just as the way I love my God - guest / May 8, 2018

This song was the message I got from the church today,ever since I left the church it's been ringing in my heart,i came home after taking a nap,i had to download it and make sure I know the right word - guest / Sep 4, 2016

I love the song I will bow to you like oh my God! - guest / May 10, 2016

I Will Bow To You by Women of Faith It took me from sorry to joy,hope & worship. Emmanuel Ghana. - guest / May 9, 2016

Very inspiring - guest / Feb 22, 2016

Pls! Where can I download the mp3? - guest / Feb 20, 2016

God bless u,u touch my heart. - guest / Feb 9, 2016

Words cannot describe what I feel when ever I listen to this song.. God bless the women of faith minister's, soo much a blessing in our generation. . - guest / Jan 27, 2016

it touches my spirit so much - guest / Jan 22, 2016

What a confession indeed I will bow only to him not to what hands have made - guest / Dec 26, 2015

it makes m feel am in aheaven - guest / Nov 13, 2015

I feel delighted the more I sing this song. What a short and powerful song. God bless the writers, and may it be according to our confession. - guest / Oct 11, 2015

am really inspired when ever am listening to this song - guest / Oct 7, 2015

the song touch my hearth - guest / Oct 4, 2015

waow! its a song with inspiration, I luv it! Lord u alone will I bow to cos u re d supreme God - guest / Aug 12, 2015

Lord you alone will I bow to all the days of my life - guest / Jul 29, 2015

it is a spiritual song one need to play when ever he/she want to retrogress to the world. - guest / Apr 27, 2015

Its a song dat has always kept me going....its just soo #word! - guest / Feb 15, 2015

it very good - guest / Feb 6, 2015

There's a song on a album this song appears on wich goes I will run and go to jesus he will embrace me in his arms - guest / Jan 28, 2015

God richly bless you ppl for such inspirational song. - guest / Jan 25, 2015

I will realy bow 2 him - guest / Jan 8, 2015

u ar magnificent...i will neva share ur glory to any oda god coz u ar a jealous GOD - guest / Jan 6, 2015

dis song is so inspirational. I will never bow to any other god but only my awesome God. - guest / Dec 21, 2014

- This song is really inspirational. The first time i heard it i loved it, it even makes the congregation cry. It is truly inspirational. - guest / Dec 10, 2014

The song touches me heart - guest / Dec 8, 2014

This song brings me so close to the Most High's throne of glory... Hail to the KING.. Shalom shalom - guest / Nov 27, 2014

Very nice song I Love it very much - guest / Nov 14, 2014

Very nice song I Love it very much - guest / Nov 14, 2014

dis inspires me to serve God nd its touch me - guest / Nov 4, 2014

I luv. Dis it make me fall in spirit - guest / Oct 10, 2014

So sweet a song. - guest / Sep 10, 2014

wen I hear it, I always cry bcos it touches mi heart. - guest / Sep 7, 2014

Just luv dis song,women of faith uve day me - guest / Aug 17, 2014

Dis song really touch my heart - guest / Aug 17, 2014

I love ds song, God alone I wil bowl 2 4ever. more anointing. From. Pst. Erimaiso Prosper - guest / Aug 15, 2014

What a blissful song,dt brings us bow at his feet. - guest / Jul 12, 2014

I love dis song so much it makes me feel d presence of God. I 'll ever bow and worship Him AGBANILAGBATAN - guest / Jun 10, 2014

Lord u're worthy of our praiz , nd i worship u wit dis song.... - guest / May 24, 2014

Doubt are distance cos, i do bow 2 d king hu s mighty... Dis song is a proof of dat. I LUV U LORD N I BOW TO YOU - guest / May 20, 2014

waoooo, i love this song because he help me reconnect me back to God. The song inspired my spirit so much. - guest / Apr 27, 2014

Ilove this song. - guest / Apr 23, 2014

I Love this song so much it lift my spirit to worship God, i will bow to God almighty - guest / Apr 5, 2014

i love this song, i will ever bow to the ALMIGHTY GOD and no other - guest / Mar 26, 2014

I can't stop loving God with this song - guest / Mar 22, 2014

It inspires me a lot. - guest / Feb 21, 2014

I so much love this song - guest / Jan 26, 2014

- It makes me know how worthy the Lord is to be praised and lifted above all other thing. - guest / Nov 30, 2013

it lifts my spirit - guest / Nov 19, 2013

I LUV IT - guest / Nov 16, 2013

i love this song - guest / Oct 2, 2013

The song Blesses me! - guest / Aug 30, 2013

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