It's All Him by YB, Mike Teezy

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No Warnings by YB

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It's All Him
by YB, Mike Teezy

Album: No Warnings

Intro: YB
One hunnid
Yeah, hahaha
Yeah, ayy

Chorus: YB
It's all Him, uh
If it shine, it's all Him, yeah, yeah
And they tried to count me out, but He kept countin', they gon' see
I was plottin' on the bench, now I'm finally on the team
It's all Him, yeah, ayy
I'm cool with that, uh, ayy

Verse 1: Mike Teezy
It's your boy Mike Teezy, ayy (Woah)
They kept tryna count me out, guess they was stackin' all the odds
Can't get even with division 'cause they see I'm on the rise
I just kept puttin' the work in even when I left my job
Ask me how I made it here, I just tell 'em that it was God
It's all Him, it's not me, He said souls were in need
So I rose to my feet with the flow, I'ma preach
I just sow then I reap, only cosign I need
Is when I go see my Father, and I know that He pleased (True)
They prolly takin' one look at the kid
Wonderin' how I'm shinin', I'm dark in the skin
But the shine that you see from the light that's within
I can't take the glory, it all go to Him
You don't know my story, don't know where I've been
I should have been dead, but He came through again
Man, I don't take L after L after L
Now I'm walkin' away with laughter in the wind (Ha)
Yeah, I used to rock the bench, but Coach just put me in
I got MVP, the trophy on myself to prove I did (True)
But I can't brag on nothin' of that because
My flesh and pride is just a trap, I try my best not to fall in (Facts)
If I told you once, I tell you once again, lil' homie
It's all Him

Chorus: YB
Yeah, it's all Him
Yeah, it's all Him, uh
If it shine, it's all Him, yeah
I'm cool with that, yeah
I ain't never had to rap about a life that I ain't live
I know they gon' hate to see it, but it is what it is
It's all Him, yeah, uh
I'm cool with that (Hey, hey), yeah, uh

Verse 2: YB
Really from the bottom, but it's up (Going up)
Sendin' light to the trench, hold it down, showin' love, uh
Prayin' that the vision never budge (Never)
He made a way, He blazed the trail, now hol' up, baby, that's 42 Dugg (Hey)
I'm on my way (Huh), still a chase (Still a chase)
I've been on the move since 1998, uh (What)
Mama drive and I sat in silence, workin' a plan, it was all His timin'
I might never work a job, but I'm gon' slide on 808s
Do whatever it takes, prayin', I'm up late
Fallin' down on my face, uh, brother life at stake
Lawyers workin' this case, needin' food on our plates
I ain't worried 'bout goin' broke, we was tryna keep our faith
Ain't no brakes (No brakes), raisin' stakes (Raisin')
I follow God, I'm so good with second place (Hey, hey)
Ain't no brakes (Ain't no brakes), raisin' stakes (Raisin')
Ain't no way I'm on my own, only here by God's grace (Huh)

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