Wings of an Angel Freestyle by YB

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Wings of An Angel by YB

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Wings of an Angel Freestyle
by YB

Album: Wings of An Angel

You know it

I barely sleep, I'm up at three, I'm on the grind at five, I'm gone
I ain't stoppin', swingin' a bat, tryna send 'em all back home
They got a number on my jersey, they countin' on me
I seen a love that is deep as the ocean
I cannot go 'fraid at a mountain, you see
They want the drip, you can have all the drip
I got real goals, what's a fountain I reach?
They wanna go out and sell all they souls
To be number one, that's accountin' to me, it is numbers
I am the middle of summer, God gave me vision, I'm comin'
I go and drop a whole album and push this
Through city and city and let 'em go thumpin'
We get it jumpin', huh, come from the Cross
Boy, I just come up from nothin', they want the dust settled
Huh, I will not settle, I am the oil in the kettle, I'm in the pedal
Huh, I'm in my lane, please do not rowdy the rebel
God engineerin' all my peaks so just for the record, part of my levels, huh
Ain't no pardon if it is a party
Man, you ain't invited 'cause you barely hardy
Hot inside a cardigan, gotta target him
Streak is all set, lettin' Carti in, yee
I'm at the door with the key
Man, I got somethin' to say so you got somethin' to see
Ain't no more pardon in my speech
Man, I tryna talk, man, take a seat
DK plus, I don't know if this is that
But I know they get us
They can't clutch, uh, thirty with the ball
Pass, scoreboard up, gone

You know it

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