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Adventures in Odyssey
Focus on the Family

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Adventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. Maybe that's why over 20 million products have been distributed worldwide.

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Monday6:00pm - 6:30pmLocal TimeKinship Christian Radio

Tuesday6:00pm - 6:30pmLocal TimeKinship Christian Radio

Wednesday6:00pm - 6:30pmLocal TimeKinship Christian Radio

Thursday6:00pm - 6:30pmLocal TimeKinship Christian Radio

Friday6:00pm - 6:30pmLocal TimeKinship Christian Radio

Saturday8:30am - 9:00amLocal TimeCHRI Radio, Kinship Christian Radio

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What was yesterday's episode called? I missed the second half. - May 2024

Please don't replace Adventures in Odyssey with The chosen One! I might have misunderstood but still please don't make Adventures in Odyssey leave! - May 2024

I am almost 13 and I still listen every day. The stories are very interesting and the characters are funny. Five stars! :D - Apr 2024

This podcast makes me hurry up on my chores everyday so I don't miss a word! I recommend listening everyday! - Apr 2024

Why can't they do this every day? - Mar 2024

I love Adventures in Odessy, ever since I was little I've always listen to it tp go to sleep. It's also really exciting and funny! - Mar 2023

One of my favorites is A Mission for Jimmy because I used to be a Missionary Kid, or TCK which stands for third culture kid and I love that he learns what it's really like. Plz keep this on the air. - Mar 2023

I love Adventures in Odessy!!! my older sis and I still listen to it just about all the time!!! Please keep on the air. - Sep 2022

I'm 12 and I still love it. Especially, the current episodes about zoe is trying to bring Olivia back to the faith. - Nov 2021

My brother and I have been listening for a long time. We love the program if we miss it we listen to it at there website. - Sep 2021

I am an adult and I love this show!! Please keep it on the air!!! - Mar 2019

I love Adventures in Odyssey! - Aug 2018

Love the show. Really wish is cane in earlier before kids bedtime, 7/7:30.. - Jul 2018

love Adventures in Odyssey - wish it came on a bit earlier so that the kids could listen as they go to bed! - Feb 2018

We love to listen to it. - Jan 2018

Good show - Jan 2018

We listen to it on Vict'ry 91.5 We love this program the only problem is it comes on so late I really wish it would come on at 7:00 p.m. when the younger kids are going the bad so they can listen to - Dec 2017

I am 49 years old and I also still listen to adventures in Odyssey. It has always been one of my favorite radio programs. I encourage everyone to listen and enjoy this program with their children! - Nov 2017

I love this program! The characters really come to life. - Jun 2017

I really like this program though I am an immigrant adult. - Jan 2017

I will always love listening to Adventures in Odyssey - Mar 2016

Does it still play at 6:30? I wasn't playing the yesterday. - Mar 2016

Love!!!!!!!!!!! - Nov 2014

I'm now 38yrs old and still listen to it. I started back in 1998 when I became born again and have loved it ever since. - Jun 2014

Adventures In Odyssey is probably my favorite program on 91.5. Thank you for this very important show. I look forward to it whenever I am able to tune into it. - Feb 2014

I love adventures in Odyssey! - Aug 2013

Love it - Aug 2013

Yay! Adventures in Odyssey! - Mar 2013

This is a good one! - Mar 2013