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Care Baldwin
Home Stretch

Program Length: 195 Minutes


Afternoon Drive host, Jesus follower, loves life and believes it can't be lived well without other people.

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Monday3:00pm - 6:15pmLocal TimeCHRI Radio

Tuesday3:00pm - 6:15pmLocal TimeCHRI Radio

Wednesday3:00pm - 6:15pmLocal TimeCHRI Radio

Thursday3:00pm - 6:15pmLocal TimeCHRI Radio

Friday3:00pm - 6:15pmLocal TimeCHRI Radio

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- I'm a school bus driver for and you make the afternoons enjoyable with faith based exciting tunes to keep me going - joanne789 / May 25, 2021

- She liven up my afternoon drive in Van ( drive special needs students) Great way to introduce Jesus to children ( through radio programming and music) Thanks Care for caring - guest / Feb 9, 2021

is there a song list available? - guest / Jan 15, 2021

- Hi Care, I enjoy your afternoon programs. I heard you asking about "Yeast Recipes". I was surprised because the Lord talked about it too. But in a way of warning the disciples (Matt 16:6) - guest / Oct 30, 2020

- About Mat 16:6... He talks about the yeast of Pharisees and Herod. It refers to the corruption of religious and politic. Curiously he was talking to his disciples, which means... - guest / Oct 30, 2020

- ...means that we could cook with these two yeasts too. We could leave our personal lives with the wrong approach to religion and power (of any type). On the other hand the yeast of the Kingdom... - guest / Oct 30, 2020

- Very up beat and informative - guest / May 16, 2019

Hi Care! Thanks for playing MercyMe "We Win!" for my drive on Friday 1/5! I was singing and praying at the top of my voice and was filled with joy! Thanks from Pastor Rich in Atlanta! - guest / Jan 6, 2018

- On Monday Dec. 5 you played a song at 5:45pm, it is driving my hubby nuts, because he really liked it but was driving and couldn't write it down. Could you play it tomorrow Dec. 7 at the same time. - guest / Dec 6, 2016

Thank you.God bless - guest / Jan 22, 2016