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Dr. Mark Rutland
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Website: globalservants.org

Dr. Mark Rutland is the founder and President of Global Servants which he began in 1977 with his wife, Alison, and a donation of 150 dollars. Over the years Dr. Rutland has continued as the President of Global while also serving as a Senior Pastor and a University President. Dr. Rutland currently serves as president of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A native of Texas, he was educated at the University of Maryland, Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, and holds a Ph.D. from California Graduate School of Theology.

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- yes Lord - guest / Mar 23, 2023

one of the best preachers Iheard at Mount Paran church in 1980 - guest / Dec 12, 2022

Thank God for Dr Mark Rutland - guest / Feb 9, 2021

Today 2/17/2020 Sermon about reception of the Holy Spirit. I really liked what I heard but didn't get to finish it. - guest / Feb 17, 2020

God has blessed us with a wonderful gift. Mark Rutland. All the years I have thanked god for the wonderful messages he sent to me through him, this depression is right on time. thank you - guest / Sep 17, 2019

Just heard his sermon on July 12th on your program . It involved sharing the stories of Armando and Estella. Is there a title to this sermon I could search for ? - guest / Jul 12, 2019

Loved everything about this program - guest / Dec 19, 2018

- Dr mark rutland us ONE OF A KIND NO DOUBT he is a WALKING BIBLE we love dr mark rutland dynamite the whole thing he is so inspiring GOD NO 1 man dr rutland GOD BLESS DR RUTLAND MADAM JUSTICE - guest / Nov 28, 2018

- DR. RUTLAND, I've admired Him since 1989 I've listened to him. Amazing He is at my church preaching now! Wow!!!It's like a gift from the Lord... Jesus Christ.What an amazing teacher. - guest / Apr 18, 2018

Great word from Mark Rutland today at 12:30 An amazing communicator !Listen to him as much as possible everyday at 12:30 lunch time and often again at 11 pm :)THANKFUL ... for his ministry - guest / Mar 5, 2018

- Would like to download 1/31/2018 program @ 12:30. How do I find the program? - guest / Feb 1, 2018

- LOVE Dr. Rutland's messages. I look forward to them every day! So much wisdom! - guest / Jan 31, 2018

Love Pastor Mark Ruthland messages, since relocating to Dallas i missed his daily bible lesson - guest / Nov 9, 2017

Dr. Mark Rutland is one of the most profound teachers I have every heard. I have learned so much from listening to his daily broadcast. Thanks for bring practical bible truths to the table. - guest / Nov 8, 2017

- Remarkable Man of God - timely messages, every time you listen. Amazingly anointed. - docwatson11 / Sep 3, 2017

Would like to share today's message with a friend... I don't know title or how to go about looking - guest / Aug 8, 2017

- Awesome teaching. - guest / Jul 18, 2017

- Dr. Rutland is 1 in his style of preaching, for me. Jentezen Franklin is 1 as my pastor and and I 1 in his style of preaching. Together, I feel, I am well rounded and grounded. - guest / Jan 24, 2017

- I listen to this as much as I can And its AMAZING - guest / Oct 28, 2016

- Which sermon was aired today August 12, 2016 - guest / Aug 12, 2016

- This was a very personal message for me today, May 5, 2016 National Day of Prayer Subject was "Worship" - guest / May 5, 2016

- "The Bridge is Out" message that aired last week was so powerful I was weeping with joy for the man who accepted Christ in the Mexican prison! - guest / Apr 12, 2016

How can I listen to his sermons from today? - guest / Mar 8, 2016

yes please i would like to know where i can get the message from thursday 2/18/16 or the name of it so i can try and find it. His sermons are hard to find. - guest / Feb 21, 2016

Teaching on prodigal son from father's perspective really expresses our heavenly Father's thoughts toward us. How can I share this sermon w others via email? - guest / Feb 18, 2016

Wow, just what I neede. - guest / Jan 27, 2016

Wow caught the end of it. Amazing. Where can I get the rest! - guest / Sep 30, 2015

Amazing !!! - guest / Sep 25, 2015

Where can I purchase todays preaching 9/25 - guest / Sep 25, 2015

Where can I purchase today's teaching - guest / Aug 17, 2015

most excellent message today 07/22/15 I pray that people receive it and respond to it. We as Christians NEED to strive for Holiness. - guest / Jul 22, 2015

Mark said this was the simplest message he had preached, but for me, it was one of the most profound! - guest / Jul 1, 2015

Where can I purchase a copy of this message? - guest / Jun 29, 2015

I feel like God really speaks to me through Dr. Rutland. - guest / Mar 17, 2015

I missed todays teaching how can I get it - guest / Jan 21, 2015

I heard Dr. Rutland speak through your program yesterday evening at about 6:30(?). I was unable to listen to the entire sermon, so I wondered how I might find it. Can you help? - guest / Oct 24, 2014

- I want a copy of today's program . How can I get that? - guest / Oct 10, 2014

How can I get a copy of Dr Rutland Oct 9th 2014 program. - guest / Oct 9, 2014

How do I get a copy of the Tuesday July 15th 12:30 sermon? - guest / Jul 18, 2014

I would like a copy, tape, or transcript on lesson on June 27th. How would I go about getting a copy?? Excellent. - guest / Jul 1, 2014

How can I get a copy of Dr. Rutland's transcript of 6/30 and 7/1/14? - guest / Jul 1, 2014

- Just an on time message. - guest / Jun 16, 2014

I really enjoyed the broadcast at midnight. - guest / May 30, 2014

How can a copy of today's sermon? 3/24/14- I tried the website. Bless you! Christy - guest / Mar 24, 2014

I would like today sermon on 91.5 at 12:30pm. - guest / Feb 27, 2014

- my daily source of solid Bible teaching! - gigi1952 / Jan 22, 2014

- Dr. Rutland is a great exponent of the Word of God that gets into the deepest part of the Spiritual life of each individual to make him draw closer to God. - ejoramas / Nov 27, 2013

- I have only one request. That you play his messages for at least 8 hours a day. I am just absorbing the truths I learn each day. I hate when it is over each day! Thank you! - guest / Nov 8, 2013

I would like the name of sermon prodcasted on tuesday June 4th at 12:30. How do I find it? - guest / Jun 9, 2013

I missed the program today. Is a way I can listen that was aired yesterday and today? - guest / May 8, 2013

can you please to repat his programs during the night? - guest / May 8, 2013

is there a way that i can listen to past sermons that was aired? - guest / Feb 19, 2013