Jentezen Franklin - Free Chapel Service

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Jentezen Franklin
Free Chapel Service

Program Length: 60 Minutes


Free Chapel is an encounter with God through inspired worship and relevant application of God's Word. Join us each week as Pastor Jentezen Franklin delivers a life-changing word and worship with Free Chapel's Music Ministry.

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Really really good. - May 2016

What was the name of this sermon - Aug 2015

what was name of sermon today sunday 12 3015 free chapel - Apr 2015

Unbelievable! Oh the blood…… What is the name of this teaching? - Dec 2014

awesome sermon, loved it! touch my heart and gave my heart to god as his vessel. - Nov 2014

Excellent sermon on boundaries. I really want to get ahold of it to share it with my family and friends. Definately life changing! - Feb 2014

life changing!!!! - Feb 2014

I'm new on the website and I was wondering if it was possible to re-listen to the sermon. - Aug 2013

Love Pastors teachings!! I always leave fired up!! - Mar 2013