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White Noises
My Epic f Cory Brandan

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(Aaron) You pummel my ears till they bleed with "clearly" and "obviously". But that don't sound like logic to me. You don't think.

(Cory) You only practice to preach. Talk loud and look down on me. And it sounds like you're just grating teeth. You don't speak.

It's all white noises.

(Aaron) Threaten then show off your wounds. You speak of your faith like it's proof. Well you love conflating the two. You don't see.

(Cory) The wars you fight are the same ones you incite. And you always draw the lines with a small scope and a broad stroke.

(Aaron) The truths you sell are the lies you tell yourself, but your tongue's been twisted till you don't notice that your words are just white noises.

(Cory) I tried to look in your eyes
(Aaron) but you wouldn't lock yours with mine
(Cory) And I knew that you'd never hear
(Aaron) when I saw your mask disappear

(Aaron & Cory)The face I see is a cold, inhuman thing; just a blank space laced with teeth and a sharp tongue making mouthfuls of white noises.

(Aaron)Shame on you. Have you no decency? How could any honest person claim the things things you believe? May G-d judge swiftly for the damage you've done, there's a special place in hell for the thing you've become.

(Cory) You've got nothing to say to me, so I have nothing to say to you.

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