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am i of stone or flesh
to see You slain again
to watch you writhe and bleed
yet never once weep

I always thought that I would have fought had I been alive
I would have stayed to the end, wept at Your feet, and died by Your side

yet again they beat You down and tear You
Limb from limb
but I keep my peace and my distance

how can I claim to love You
when here Your body lies strewn
I dwell amongst the pieces
and never feel moved
to grieve as my own, the state of it
and give more than just passive dissent

I swore at the start, "oh heart of my heart", we're one in the same
but then I kept You confined, and clearly defined, and now I don't feel a thing

yet again, they beat You down
and tear You limb from limb
and we wash our hands then
raise them up in remembrance
"bless You Lord, leave us be, rest in peace"

You're not a memory we celebrate
You're not a martyr that we venerate
and G-d forgive us if the church forgets

You are not a corpse and we're not a movement
You're alive and we're the flesh You'll wear till the worlds end

I feel the weight and worth in all of this That we are Your embodiment
Resurrect these hearts of stone to beat with Yours again For greater works as we walk as one in Your likeness So that men can behold and believe

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