If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.
He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said,
out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. - John 7:37-38 NKJV
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A Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton

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A Hallelujah Christmas
by Cloverton

Album: A Hallelujah Christmas - Single
by Cloverton

I've heard about this baby boy
Who's come to earth to bring us joy
And I just want to sing this song to you
It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
With every breath I'm singing Hallelujah

A couple came to Bethlehem
Expecting child, they searched the inn
To find a place for You were coming soon
There was no room for them to stay
So in a manger filled with hay
God's only Son was born, oh Hallelujah

The shepherds left their flocks by night
To see this baby wrapped in light
A host of angels led them all to You
It was just as the angels said
You'll find Him in a manger bed
Immanuel and Savior, Hallelujah

A star shown bright up in the east
To Bethlehem, the wisemen three
Came many miles and journeyed long for You
And to the place at which You were
Their frankincense and gold and myrrh
They gave to You and cried out Hallelujah

I know You came to rescue me
This baby boy would grow to be
A man and one day die for me and you
My sins would drive the nails in You
That rugged cross was my cross, too
Still every breath You drew was Hallelujah

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Song Comments and Ratings

Would love this on Spotify plleaseseeee!!! – posted by guest on 2015-12-24

Where can I buy this song? – posted by guest on 2015-12-17

I love this version...so beautiful!!! I wish it was available on iTunes!!! – posted by guest on 2015-12-10

Powerful! Words and music make for a worship experience. I love it. – posted by guest on 2015-12-01

This is a fantastic version. Brilliant!!
I also found an Easter version by Kelley Mooney also very good – posted by guest on 2015-11-25

This is beautiful. Praise the Lord!! – posted by guest on 2014-12-30

I got to sing this version for my church's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Became my favorite song ever :) – posted by guest on 2014-12-28

Where can I buy this song have been trying for weeks? – posted by guest on 2014-12-20

That is such a beautiful version!! It gives me chills and goosebumps every time I hear it. I would sure love to play this at our church for the Midnight Mass, how appropriate and fitting – posted by guest on 2014-12-11

Love this! – posted by guest on 2014-12-11

Where do I buy this song? – posted by guest on 2014-12-09

How do we buy this song please? – posted by guest on 2014-12-08

I love it . Should be played on the radio – posted by guest on 2014-12-07

I want to buy it!! Can't find it??? – posted by guest on 2014-12-03

is this available for purchase ??? can't find it on amazon or itunes (USA) – posted by guest on 2014-12-03

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