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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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by B. Cooper, Dre Murray, Alex Faith

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1: Dre Murray
I don't feel love, I don't feel hate
I'm numb right now, somewhere out of space
Feeling out of place, like I don't belong
Mask off my face, oops my covers blown
So I'm back in that lab like it's my major
This pen to the pad right now praying for favor
That grace to the mercy, I need from my savior
These moments here are so hard, but these moments here I savor
I'm up early, hands to the plow so they stay dirty
Face to the floor, cause I'm not worthy
Pray to my God that I don't hurt me
Pray to my God that I don't hurt me
It's like 7:30 and I'm at His feet
But I'm riding home, so I'm on retreat

Verse 2: B. Cooper
Feel like a stranger on this road again
So much emotion I don't know if I can hold it
Hit the ground, get back up just like a bowling pin
Return of the prodigal son, I guess that I'm home again
And I ain't got no plans of leaving
The way I treat the beat, Dirty had to file a grievance
Reality, If I say it I mean it
Live life to the fullest, no shortcuts, take the scenic
Genius, with community college classes
No pencil whipping the test of life, gotta pass it
They think I'm Catholic, the way I speak to masses
Got a bigger vision that's different prescription glasses
More than rapping, call me an artist
Paint pictures with words, my canvas is the heartless
Medicine for the sick, food for thought for the starving
I learned a long time ago, that home is where the heart is

Verse 3: Alex Faith
By the time we do it to em', back on my Atlanta flow
They say that I shouldn't but I told them boys that's all I know
Classic like some whitewalls on a Cadillac that's what we on
Georgia on my mind, I think it's bout that time I go back home
Putting on for my city ever since I heard a Jeezy Tape
Would have been a stranger in this land, ever since I heard that He can save
And I ain't Rich Homie, but He made me feel some kind of way
Music for that kind of day, purpose flowing through my veins
So you know We Live As Kings now
Music with a paint brush, see watch me do my thing now
Doing 85 on 20 got the city in my eyesight
Heading for these stages, gotta make sure that my mind's right
I mean just look at what He started
Life for the dead, encouraging the disheartened
The grand amazing plan that I get to play a part in
I learned a long time ago, that home is where the heart is

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