Chisel Me by DJ Official, Thia'l, Json, K-drama, Tedashii

Song Lyrics

Chisel Me
by DJ Official, Thia'l, Json, K-drama, Tedashii

Album: Entermission - Bonus Tracks
by DJ Official, Thia'l, Json, K-drama, Tedashii

Intro: This'l
In this life we fight
And this world is our ring
And like Maximus Aurelius
I stand side by side with my brothers
We fighting as we press towards the mark of the High calling
And along the way we pray
Father God chisel us
And make us more like You

Verse 1: This'l
I fight myself daily Bro
Sometimes it just ain't enough
Sometimes when the fight is on
Your boy feel like giving up
My flesh start to flaring up
It's wish is to beat me down
Oh Lord turn the fire on
Come br-br-br-break me down
In a room full of other folks
I used to feel by myself
One look in the mirror and I wish I was somebody else
I know its the enemy but you could deliver me
From this s-s-s-sin in me
Father God come and chisel me

Verse 2: K-Drama
I want to be Your masterpiece
Woven in Your tapestry
Prune me of dead weight
Take away my audacity
We're stuck in this wickedness
I'm sick in my sinfulness
I tried to prohibit this
But give in to my carcass tricks
I humble myself the best way I know how
I thought I could be righteous on my own but I know now
Romans 5:11
I'm only reconciled through Christ
I know its going to hurt
But I need you to straight do it hey!

Chisel me holy God
Break down me with Your love
Don't spare your holy Rod
Know this pain will be tough
Chisel me Lord
Mold me to look like You
This isn't easy but
Do what you gotta do
Chisel me Lord

Verse 3: J'son
..and remove all the excess weight
Properly moving Lord
This is proof of my lack of faith
And I know that this ain't right but my life and my light so dim
But I don't fight when enticed by my sin
My delight should be Him
Me weakness cannot be denied
And I know that my theology's nothing if not applied
Oh God
I know the doctrines, atonement to eschatology
But am I in love with You or in love with theology?
Lord I know its got to be the pride in me that's sackin' me
This is hard to pray but if you love me God, then Chastity
Chisel me, I know that You've forgiven me
But I know that in livin' just ain't living less you live through me
Break me Lord and deliver me
Take me Lord as from bended me
Shape me Lord as you give to me
I'm thankful for the pain
That you say you start and you finish it
Refined, and then burned through
Save me from the trash of my past and the sins I have returned to


Verse 4: Tedashii
It's me again Oh lord
On my knees and right now I'm bearing witness
To the fact that I'm fallin again Oh Lord please help me with this
I'm trying to get up out it but daily I struggle with it
I'm trying to change my ways, but Father somehow I keep slipping
Caught up with all these struggles
Caught up with all this mess
Caught up with the way I'm living
So now I confess
That I need you more than ever
Please come and change my life
Chisel me, make me holy
Eyes open so I see right
I tried it on my own
Foolish by works alone
A legal track that leaves you trapped
Like when you borrow loans
I tried to change my life without thanking the Son above
Father forgive me, draw near me
Please come show Your holy love


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