God Speed by GAWVI, Andy Mineo, KB

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We Belong by GAWVI

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God Speed
by GAWVI, Andy Mineo, KB

Album: We Belong
by GAWVI, Andy Mineo, KB

[Intro: GAWVI]
Gawvi, get 'em

[Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
I feel like Usain in the cheetah print
Talk fresh game, I don't need a mint
RIP the game, shh, I need a minute
Ok, let's proceed with it
I'm in the house, gotta be with it
These bozos always sneak dissin'
They takin' shots, I'm Hakeem with it
Like no, no, this league business
Who you really know?
I've been movin' under oath
Yeah, my connect is way up
I don't keep it on the low
So tell my fam I'll be ok
I sleep right where that reaper play
Even if I DOA I wake up and I see glory
'Scuse my French, s'il vous plait
Ain't no bench, we don't play
You might catch me on the "A"
End the verse like Salt Bae, aye

[Hook: Andy Mineo]
'Bout to be some havoc like it's Mobb Deep
Vrrrm, 'bout to hit the top speed
Uh, ayo Gawvi when you drop the beat
Make sure you wish 'em God speed

[Verse 2: KB]
In my bag, yeah, I don't play
Way too much to navigate, you know my ways
You come test me, bet that tomb is empty
Know you can't offend me, talk that trash, my crew is hefty
KB, KB, KB you so FLA, yes
I just let that Son shine, every word I state, yeah
Who that, who that, who that? That's that HGA
Kingdom on my lips, that's hallowed be thy name, yeah
Too much sauce, sofrito all on my bars
Every Latino, my sauce
Sazon with that pollo, frita loco
My dog's from New York, Haiti, global, South the coast
All around the world support
Jesus, yes, that's all we want
God speed!

[Hook: Andy Mineo]
'Bout to be some havoc like it's Mobb Deep
Vrrrm, 'bout to hit the top speed
Uh, ayo Gawvi when you drop the beat
Make sure you wish 'em God speed

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