Behind the Clouds by Json, Chris Lee

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Growing Pains by Json

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Behind the Clouds
by Json, Chris Lee

Album: Growing Pains

Verse 1
Your back to the wall your feeling the hurt
your head to the sky your knees to the dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt
why when we going through it right at that moment then
do we begin to believe that the moment wont end
after the susets then wont the sunrise
after the rain pours then wont the sun shine
look at the mothers pain felt in delivery
who hears her babies cry and that pain becomes a memory
I just wanna remind you
your now will be a then you'll just look at behind you
surely the God of all glory
will take me break me and the he'll restore me store me hay
so when the skies looking gray above
know his grave was dug just so we can taste his love
so stop trying to dodge the rain drops
hide under his wings and watch the rain stop

At the dawn of every knew day
lies the proof that night will fade
and just like a mother forgets her pains
when she sees her babies face
and she holds her smile
and the joy my heart contains
makes it all worth while
even when rain is falling down
you will shine behind the clouds

Verse 2
When it seems like dark clouds are following ya
know that very rains makes the trees grow
so as your attached to the vine and pruning may hurt
you don't know what hes doing at first he's truly at work
so you just look the pain in its face
as his strength will carry you through displaying his grace
the favor of faith and you just watch the praise when your done
cause after the storms of death came the raise of the son

Chorus Bridge

Sometimes this life involves
things that challenge our hearts
but you don't change that's why I staying
your with me through it all
so my joy will never leave
as you provide the strength I need
when it seems the rains wont go away


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