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City Lights by Json

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City Lights
by Json, Trubble

Album: City Lights

You know bout' the city life, got to keep the city bright
Got to keep them city lights on (on)
You know how the city do
You know how to get it
Got to keep them city lights on
Lights on, Lights on, Lights on, Lights on
Got to keep them city lights on
Lights on, Lights on, Lights on, Lights on
You are the city light

Verse 1

Look B?, I'm called to be a lamp lit, If Christ is who I stand fo'
My cities dark and man's sick, I supposed to be on Lamp Mode
Yeah lampmode and not the label that I'm signed to
But let Him shine through and spread to dudes like swine flu
Was dead until He showed His bangin' shine
And rearranged my mind now I'm alive like Frankenstein
Hey! I'm on my grind but you should certainly know
Dont trip much off the worker, but the God the workers workin' fo'
Shine until your circuts blow, and mind your boys been purchased though
Moved out and gave it over, that sound like thats been heard before
No you aint your own, but are you movin' by your Masters pace?
a lamp lit shouldnt be hidden' fam, refuse to be a basket case
smothered by your fears, when the Lord should be reflectin' through
you'll know its not your own, but its devine that you're connected to
and no you're not alone fam, it's my team fight song
keep ridin' through the dark with your high beam life on


Verse 2

Yea you right we them city lights gotta keep the city bright
but what we gonna do fam we facin this gritty city life
these streets are grimmy cats they just wanna stack chips and mac chicks
we commissioned to keep our match lit
Ohh yes we christians we fish them in we reel them in
yes we focused on killing sin rather than stacking dividends
I must admit it though this walk is a beast its hard for me to stand on my feet
Im often faced with defeat but
we gotta stand firm
our cities home of the heartless they hearts is hardened
so lets light up the dark like lanterns
lets keep it laymen for them lets keep on praying for them
no we aint enough cause no we aint umm lil wayne'en for them
Im a believer so no I aint like none of them
living that sinner life man your inner light can look pretty dim
were all my christian at lets cross our t's lets dot our i's
let walk it with no compromise realize this is not our lives


Verse 3

See we are the lamps, He is the light
We give Him our life, So He can shine through it
We are the staff, a rod in His hand
If you don't see that beauty, well then you're blind to it
The spirits your guide, He made you alive
Gives you strength just to grind, homie you should use it
Trust in our God, I know its hard times
But He's by your side, homie try to do it


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