Ima Just Do It by KB, Bubba Watson

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Tomorrow We Live by KB

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Ima Just Do It
by KB, Bubba Watson

Album: Tomorrow We Live

You know what I'm gonna to do?
You know what I'm going to do?
(I do it)
You, you, you, people have been talkin', man
You know what I'm going to do?
Ima just do it

Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
Ima just do it
(Ima just do it)

Verse 1: KB
See the pretty young girl
At the church, maybe black, maybe Spanish
Had a little vocal, only in the choir
Says she loves Jesus, and she has good credit
Few months in said, "I'm makin' you my wife, cutie"
She smiled and she asked me, "How?"
I said, "Shh... (Ima just do it)"
You been datin' that girl for like, huh, 6 years though
You livin' by faith or are you livin' by your fear though?
Oh you gotta be faithful, homie, ain't gotta be amazing
Put a ring on dat girl like Muhammad Ali did to Laila
Like Fridays and Ezel, tell everybody that we will just do it

I see what you doing and that don't excite me
Get out of the way, I'm not askin' politely
So filiated, I'm so filiated they know who the squad be (1-1-6)
We do what we want, they too scared to try
So (Ima just do it)

I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
I do it, Ima just do it
No hesitation, with no time to waste
And I promise, I promise that (Ima just do it)
Ima, Ima, Ima just do it, Ima just do it
Ima, Ima, Ima, Ima just do it, Ima just do it

Verse 2: KB
Dang, look, Ima go in
Everybody stay down
Ima go in, my dogs on both sides like a grey hound
Bust flows, no pass, Wayne left Rikers Island in the phantom
That's pretty cool, but 'Crae went and preached the Rock of Zion
Same day was on Fallon, number one album lookin' like Ima just do it
Ain't gotta make sense, homie you gotta make faith
Faith, the only thing that make sense
The only type of life in this life that is really worth livin'
Is the life that will go and take risks
Ima go and be it, gimme my Jesus
You don't believe it, your man will, Jada Pinkett
Too many years trying not to rock the boat
I gotta quote, "I don't wanna rock the boat, I wanna sink it"
Ima just do it

Bridge + Hook

Interlude: Bubba Watson
Lemme talk about how I'm supposed to be a Christmas party right now, but y'all keep keeping me in here
My wife's not gonna let me be on fleek, if y'all don't hurry up

Verse 3: Bubba Watson
Bubba Watts on the mic now
Can a golfer spit a rhyme?
Not a gangsta rapper, but my caddie got a nine
KB need a verse?
I told him, "Ain't nothing to it"
Everybody ask me why, I just look em in the eye and say, "(Ima just do it)"
Country boy from the panhandle
Country boy from the panhandle
No golf lesson, just God's blessing
Nuthin' He can't handle
Left-handed, funny swing
Driver's pink, ain't nothing major
Got two masters, no double major
But one Master, I praise and thank Him
I do it

Bridge + Hook

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