Take My Life by Thi'sl, Flame, Json

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Fallen King by Thi'sl

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Take My Life
by Thi'sl, Flame, Json

Album: Fallen King

See a song like this is so vintage
So authentic and there's no gimmick
And by the First Amendment I'm free to speak
About an ancient King from the Middle East
He's the Lion, the Lamb, the "I am" from Zion
They Crucified Him, that's so defiant
And the first of the Ten Commandments been abandoned
Look at man and there is no reliance
There is slow compliance, or no compliance
I know they hate it I get it, I get (I get it, I get it)
But who resurrected? He did it, He did it
He layed His life down and took it up
2000 years plus, now look at us
Christianity spread, gang of bloodshed for us, go and look it up
And I ain't tryna be a tough guy, and I ain't tryna be a martyr either
And I ain't got the "kill me" complex, I just wanna be just like Jesus
When it's my time to go, I wanna die with grace
I wanna die with faith, knowing that I'm bout to see His face
Wanna be filled with the Spirit and no longer fear
I'm living for You Lord as long as I'm here

You can take my life! (x6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life! (6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life

Said he'll take my life, I said go ahead and take it
Tell me how I'm gon' lose it? Christ already saved it
He said "I'm gon' cock back I'mma let it fly for that bullseye"
I said "Cool, I got clear sight and my lamp's on for that full ride," (that full ride)
So go on and take my life, I'mma lay it down where that ground at
Where that ground at? On that ground flat, same place where that crown at
For every soldier that's chained up, chained up that's been locked down
Church boy, church girl, youth group that's getting mocked now
Christ is still with us, He said He wouldn't leave us
He promised us all (He promised us all)
They'll mock us, they'll shoot us, they'll lock us
I promise they won't stop our souls
Won't stop our souls, death is just sleep for me
We got the victory, cock and reload
Death where yo stinging be? we still believe and the Rock is our fortress
He got us fo' sho'
We refusing to stand down, 'cuz faith's why we stand up
If faith's in your heart now, everybody get your hands up
'Cuz He makes my life, He could break my life
He could shake my life, if He want to
He can take my, He can take my life

You can take my life! (x6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life! (6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life

I had this vision I was locked up in this Middle Eastern prison
Guards all around me, they strapped up like something serious
All the guards, they got guns, look like I'm losin'
They ask me did I love Jesus before they start shooting
Holes all in my body, blood over my body
We all know how this gon' go, I ain't waking up in a Bugatti (in a new Bugatti)
If I make it to that place, Jesus hold me close
Take my fear, Lord fill me with your Holy Ghost
That's for my brotha's over in the Middle East, that dyin off in them streets
They runnin' up in they house at night putting the heat to 'em while they sleep
And it's all for the Cross, 'cuz they boldly proclaim His name (they proclaim His name)
They ain't scared of the guns, they ain't scared of the jails or the chains
(We ain't scared of the chains)
This for Africa, Syria and Afghanistan
Every soldier that lost they life all the way over to Pakistan
They could close our eyes, but they cannot dim our light
Cuz we signed up to die
You can take my, You can take my life

You can take my life! (x6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life! (6)
You can take my (x4)
You can take my life

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