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Going Home by Tragic Hero

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by Tragic Hero, Sarah Rodriguez

Album: Going Home

Intro: Dilemma
Hello World!

Intro: Tragic Hero
Feels good right?
Real good right?
Hey, what it look like?
Everybody sing (Sarah Rodriguez: "I love Saturday")

Verse 1: Tragic Hero
I give a kiss to the wife and on the way to make breakfast
I'm stretchin' my body out before making my exit
Now she's making my favorite, I already taste it
The smelling of bacon- while I'm brushing my teeth
Yup, I'm in love with the simple, I'm in love with the basic
Everyday is a song but Saturday is my intro
I open a window and I let in the (?)
Hoping it would aleve (alleviate) us, cause what's a day without Jesus?
Can I get a good morning? (Good Morning) Can I live in my moment?
Cause I want to give you my love and it's hard to control it
I mean, what can I say when every cloud isn't(?) grey
And every ray from the sun is moving that evil away
I feel alive, Son is all on my side
And I couldn't pick a better day even if I tried
And it's Lord willin', give us some more fillin'
Place a love in our hearts that's made out of porcelain
Now I'm porch chilling, taking in all the breeze
Cause it seems like yesterday I was only 13
I make the best out of this day, Polo'd out in my outfit
That I got at the outlet, now I'm ready for...

Hook x2: Tragic Hero & Sarah Rodriguez

Saturday morning, looking for sunshine
I see the rainstorm, I hear the birds' cry
I hear the church choir, see(?) in my mind that I'm gonna send...

All my love to you


Verse 2: Tragic Hero
Before it's taken away in just the blink of an eye
We feel the day die (?), slip out of your hand when you play God
The daytime hearing all the systems blastin', they ride slow
Hoping that they get a reaction, I got (?)
Riding to the barbershop, where they talk a lot about ...
Looking at my watch, I better be next
Looking at all of my freshness, I'm pumping that Summertime Will Smith
Making me feel like I'm in a Lexus
Exit, going away, riding through South Street
Shopping (Girl: Hold up, you ain't going without me)
Not a care in the world like I ain't going to work
And the weather's just fine so I'm just wearing a shirt
Now we headed to the top(?), on my way up to the barbecue
Driving fast like it's hardly food-
Left over, plate full of some rip tips, chicken
Grease over your mouth like it's lipstick sticking
Yellow rice, pigeons(?), beans, make a decision
Either that or some brand new jeans that we can fit in
A litte heaven for the day is fine
I'm living a preview I'll wait in line... like, like

Bridge: Sarah Rodriguez
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
I love Saturday (I love Saturday)

Verse 3: Tragic Hero
And as the night is approaching, you can tell me what is on your mind
(?) line in the sky like a story line
The moral is-- well... beauty is all there is
Make the best of the life because you've got to (?)
Let's get ready for Sunday when we get back home
I'll give you a ride back if it ain't that long
You know that Monday through Friday gives you too much headache
Everyday can be a Saturday if you...just... let it

Hook x2

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