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My God
Ledessa Brown

8:55 PM (2014)

Corona Can't Hold Me Down
Keyla Richardson

8:50 PM (2020)

Issues of my Heart
LaTisha Johnson Montgomery

8:45 PM (2021)

Keep Living
Ricky Dillard, New G

8:40 PM (2011)

Don't Do It Without Me (Sunday Best Performance)
Tasha Page Lockhart

8:35 PM (2014)

Have Your Way
Ashling Cole

8:25 PM (2017)

I've Got All I Have to Win
Dale Ciceron

8:20 PM (2019)

Hello Fear
Kirk Franklin

8:15 PM (2011)

Health Care Tips w/Shaun
Shaun Harris

8:10 PM

I Thank God
Christian David & Friends

8:05 PM (2020)