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The Drive
Christian Pop Music


Christian pop, rock and dance music.

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Grateful there are 3 other Christian stations who actually play Christian. – posted by guest on 2015-06-06

Song and artist list, please! – posted by guest on 2014-08-30

Some Disciple, Fireflight, Skillet, old Hawk Nelson, and the old Flyleaf would be nice. – posted by guest on 2014-03-22

The rap isn't bad, it's just overdominant. But I haven't noticed any metal/heavier rock being played on the station anymore. I wish some of that would be brought back. – posted by guest on 2014-03-22

awesome guyzz!! been listening to victory91.5 for a while now when i have the possibilityto do that :-D – posted by guest on 2014-03-08

I love the song choice on Nov 30 2013!! – posted by guest on 2013-11-30

Can't wait to hear Rising Up tonight on the station! – posted by guest on 2013-11-16

Can't wait to hear Bradley Morris songs "rising up" and "letting go" off the Letting Go album at Disney World Orlando, Florida – posted by guest on 2013-11-09

play some Rock today.! – posted by guest on 2013-10-05

im waiting for the drive. – posted by guest on 2013-10-05

i love this program – posted by guest on 2013-07-20

Awesome Music! – posted by guest on 2013-07-18

This is incredible music! Love the energy and the beat. – posted by guest on 2013-07-13

Why not both Powersource & The Drive for both styles of music?!? – posted by guest on 2013-06-22

This is great. My dd and I would love to know the individual songs so we can buy them. – posted by guest on 2013-06-22

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The Drive
Christian Pop Music