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Victory 91.5
The Sound of Revival
Played Before

Almost Threw It All Away
Charlie Peacock

9:39 PM (1990)

You Bless Me
Darrell Evans

9:34 PM (2002)

Leon Patillo

9:30 PM (2019)

Thief In the Night
Big Tent Revival

9:24 PM (1995)

Make My Life A Prayer To You
Keith Green

9:20 PM (2008)

Sing Unto the Lamb

9:18 PM (2000)

Can't Do It On My Own
Resurrection Band

9:14 PM (1981)

Nobody Else Like You
Andrae Crouch

9:08 PM (1994)

Let the Wind Blow
The Imperials

9:02 PM (1985)

Story of Life

8:58 PM (1998)