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Underground Revival
Electronic Dance and Rap


Underground Revival, powered by Victory OnDemand, is a Christian electronic dance and rap radio show based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The first hour of the show, leading up to the live DJ mix, is controlled by you in real-time! To participate in the interactive voting hours during Underground Revivial, you must be a member of Victory OnDemand.

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Christian electronic music, i wish i had this when i was growing up. I love the program. Thank you for going after your dreams that Christ had given you. Your Brother, Nate... – posted by guest on 2016-01-25

Listening from Saegertown, PA. Wish we had something like this here but we don't so I stream Goshen's show. Love it! – posted by guest on 2015-12-18

please keep on playing this club music. i love it – posted by guest on 2015-12-12

Wish we could listen always – posted by guest on 2015-08-26

Dope!After 30 years of being a DJ, it's been a long time coming to see CEDM on Radio. Awesome! – posted by guest on 2015-02-07

Its great to hear the Word of Christ and the music I love at the same time.. – posted by guest on 2014-12-12

It'd be great if the recorded broadcast would be made available to listen throughout the week when there's no where else centralized place for Christian EDM,Dub-step/etc. music. – posted by guest on 2014-10-03

I was coming home late this past Friday night about 11:40. You were talking about a movie about supernatural acts of God. How can I watch this movie? Please e-mail me back at – posted by guest on 2014-09-17

This is good for my fam becase i no its a good station – posted by guest on 2014-07-18

Hi, Do you archive the show? Thanks. God Bless. Aaron – posted by guest on 2014-05-13

Thank You for playing CEDM!! It my favorite genre of praise & worship! – posted by guest on 2014-04-27

Awesum Music – posted by guest on 2014-04-26

Is the app more accurate than the website or has the website finally fixed? Because most of the time, most songs don't even exist, or have been titled incorrectly or whatever. – posted by guest on 2014-04-04

When the 1-year comes along, you should totally have a reunion show and bring back Corrie, Hannah, Jennifer and that other guy (I don't know how to spell his name) for just that one night! – posted by guest on 2014-03-28

Wow, a bunch of oldies (songs that haven't been dug up in MONTHS) tonight! (3/28). Must be because summer is getting closer. – posted by guest on 2014-03-28

Who is going to share random quotes and funny entertaining comments now? – posted by guest on 2014-03-16

Taking away Corrie & rap is like...taking away half the show! It's gonna be so empty now. D': Has anyone noticed that all the shows never last more than a year? Oh well. Good memories while it lasted. – posted by guest on 2014-03-16

Love this! !! Awesome beat! – posted by guest on 2014-03-15

Don't hate just because you don't understand this genre of music! We won't reach this generation with just Christ Tomlin or Lecrae. There's a whole world of lost souls who can meet God through this! – posted by guest on 2014-02-15

I am constantly shocked and astounded by the impact of this ministry. There is nothing on the radio like it! You two (along with your guests) are like atomic bombs in the spirit, so Powerful!! – posted by guest on 2013-12-13

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Underground Revival
Electronic Dance and Rap

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Underground Revival
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