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I win! He loses! (repeat)

Everything that I face I win, I've got Victory
Satan loses, I know I win, I've got Victory

Verse 1:
Down but not out I get up cuz' I never am defeated
No fear, got a sound mind and I won't quit cuz my missions not completed

So I'll keep my mind on You because I know,
You're always there You'll never leave me
I wont let the care of this world bring me down
Because the battle is Yours!


Feelings of defeat (but I wont quit)
The race is given to the one who will complete it
Better days ahead (yes I can feel it)
I'll keep standing on Your word cuz I believe it



My hope it lies in You
I know You will come through
And even when I cry I will hold my head up high
I will keep holding on I trust You
You are my song
My heart will sing for joy, because in You
I have overcome

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