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Form Notes

  1. My Member ID (Private) - This is the unique ID you will use to sign in with.
    Example: "johns1995" - This is your Member ID

  2. My Member Password (Private) - A temporary password will be emailed to you.

  3. My Member Name (Public) - This is the name the public will see.
    Example: "John S" - This name will be shown when you leave comments.

  4. My Member Location (Public) - This is your city, state, country.
    Example: "Atlanta GA" This location may be shown as, "John S from Atlanta GA".

  5. My Contact Email (Private) - This is your real email address.
    Example: "" - This email address will be used for contact forms.
    Note: When changing your email address, a temporary password will be sent to your new email.

  6. Member Questions (Support) - Please Contact Us with any issues or privacy concerns.