Forever by Mark Wagner

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Forever by Mark Wagner

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by Mark Wagner

Year: 2010
Label: Mark Wagner

1. That Love (add lyrics)
2. To See (add lyrics)
3. All Is Possible (add lyrics)
4. Christian Church (add lyrics)
5. Decisions (add lyrics)
6. Despair (add lyrics)
7. Descriptions of Wonder (add lyrics)
8. Do Not Quarrel (add lyrics)
9. Acceptance Or Rejection (add lyrics)
10. Flight (add lyrics)
11. From the Few (add lyrics)
12. From the Law (add lyrics)
13. God Learned (add lyrics)
14. I Thank Thee, Father (add lyrics)
15. His Miracles (add lyrics)
16. Holy (add lyrics)
17. In Their Company (add lyrics)
18. I Love You, Lord Jesus (add lyrics)
19. The Bible (add lyrics)
20. Imagine the Joy (add lyrics)
21. Israel (add lyrics)
22. Kidnapped (add lyrics)
23. King (add lyrics)
24. Men of Renown (add lyrics)
25. Shamgar (add lyrics)
26. The Oxgoad (add lyrics)
27. The Plain of the Earth (add lyrics)
28. Names (add lyrics)
29. Offense Occurred (add lyrics)
30. Old and New (add lyrics)
31. On that Morning (add lyrics)
32. Rage (add lyrics)
33. Samaritan (add lyrics)
34. Solomon (add lyrics)
35. Stephen (add lyrics)
36. The Baptist (add lyrics)
37. The Sling (add lyrics)
38. The Coward (add lyrics)
39. The Pearl Gate of Judah (add lyrics)
40. The Tattoo (add lyrics)
41. The Tree (add lyrics)
42. The Valley of Elah (add lyrics)
43. To the Ends of the Earth (add lyrics)
44. Love from Above (add lyrics)
45. Two In the Courtyard (add lyrics)
46. Well-Pleased (add lyrics)
47. In Secret Or Revealed (add lyrics)
48. Who Am I (add lyrics)
49. Wisest On Earth (add lyrics)
50. Worship (add lyrics)

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